The World Architecture Community’s Community Awards, 37th Cycle

May 27, 2021



Maica Jose

In the World Architecture Community’s 37th Cycle for the World Architecture Community Awards, a winning project in the student category was disqualified from the competition for not complying with competition rules. The BXL Oasis in Belgium then bags the student category award while the Endemic Plant Museum in Georgia takes the win through community member ratings.

The BXL Oasis is a green aero hub designed to tackle a “satellite” airport that challenges the social norm of European airports. Completed by the team comprised of Benedict Chew, Manar Maher, and Toulin Alshawaf, the BXL Oasis’s most striking feature is its dynamic and functional outer shell. Acting as a massive ramp, it can be accessed from the sides and can bring people to the airport’s first level. The middle area of the airport meanwhile is a green oasis that serves as a relaxation area connecting people from all parts of the airport.

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The World Architecture Community Awards

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Endemic Plant Museum

The Endemic Plant Museum by Giorgi Dalalishvili is composed of three parts: the first, an interior that aspires for life to fight for the “light of the freedom”, the second, a roof terrace hanging on the theme of “light of the freedom” and allows visitors to appreciate nature, and the third space which is a mini library that develops visitors’ awareness. 

A highly philosophical structure, the museum emphasizes humanity’s neglect of nature and carries a design that serves as nature’s symbol for strength while being a link to the building around it. 

World Architecture Community Awards
World Architecture Community Awards

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