This 2019, the Bathroom is Adapting a Major Theme and We Can’t Wait to Take a Bath!

December 27, 2018



Roumel Itum

2018’s days are numbered, literally. And as we move way past the year that was, we are excited to do our own fearless forecasts for designs that will do well for the Year of the Pig. The Chinese Zodiac is the last among the 12 signs and commences on the 5th day of February. Feng Shui masters list neutral hues and natural textures to be most auspicious. To optimize the opportunities for the year, decorating ideas need to be governed by comfort and efficiency.
As the element of Earth requires Water to be fruitful, it is expected that the bathroom will be a key area in the home to secure prosperity. Here are the different themes that bathrooms will take on for 2019. Be sure to scroll down until the end to see our main design theme for the coming year!

1. Bathrooms will become Smarter
With Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, spaces are now given a new layer of design through the use of technology. Digitally enhanced faucets and showers that save your preferred water temperature and pressure seem to be the present novelty. Vanity mirrors now double as touchscreens to control lighting to alter mood. Truly, enjoying a movie on a flat-screen while submerged in the tub is now officially fit for #throwback.

Luxury in the bath is achieved through Grohe Smart Control Shower System that mimics natural rainfall

2. Nature Will Find its Way to the Bathroom
More bathrooms will weave in natural elements to their overall design. We see how the usual laminated cabinets will make way for wood showing its natural grains for the doors and shelvings. Accents for the bath will also take a new spin as we see more live plants adorn the countertops for a fresher take on modern aesthetic.

bathroom natural bamboo stones wood
Surround yourself with the wonders of nature by incorporating natural elements in the bathroom. This move will make the private space more inviting and recuperative

3. Smoother Edges, Delicious Curves  
There will be a break in the geometric and planar approach in bathroom design and we are set to experience more sinuous and flowing lines. This move will also give the overall structure of the bathroom a more feminine character

Complement the modern architecture of the bathroom with AXOR Massaud bathtub

4. Decorate with Prints 
Bolder options for wall treatments will be given a second look for the private spaces. The bathroom will not only be a space for wellness but also a place of visual feast. Your best bet is paint, but there are also wallpapers fit to do the job.

bathroom printed asian wood cabinet
Identify a theme when decorating with prints and be sure to tie in the design elements with other implements inside the space for a more collected appeal

And for 2019, bathrooms will adapt:

5. Sustainability 
We cannot simply stop promoting sustainability in everything we do, so here it is: we predict that the bathroom will also be a place where sustainability will be more apparent in 2019! Bathrooms created from the ground up will be harnessing natural lighting to become more energy efficient. Implements will also be thoughtfully chosen and those that feature water-saving techniques will be highly preferred.

Complete the look of this energy-efficient bathroom with Duravit L cube vanity unit

Header image courtesy of Hansgrohe USA

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