Together We Build: Mike Lagman’s Notes on Construction and Design 

September 30, 2021



Miguel Adiarte

With the economic recovery gaining momentum, established companies are experiencing solid growth in the construction industry. One of the leaders in this industry is Mike Lagman, co-CEO of MC Geometric Proportions, Inc. Lagman had previously shared with Bluprint the three R’s which led him to build a company that will last: relationship, responsibility, and retention. His insights made such a remarkable impact on readers that BluPrint invited Lagman to revisit the discussion. 

Mike Lagman

In this interview, he expounds further on the current situation in the construction industry and what he has been doing to stay ahead of his competitors. Anyone can give advice about business and life, but not everyone has credentials to back it up. Lagman has definitely been tried and tested when it comes to the issues he tackles in this interview, which makes all the information he shares with BluPrint a goldmine for construction enthusiasts and those aspiring to make a name for themselves in this industry as well.  

Pitfalls to watch out for in the construction industry

Lagman cites a common weakness for some contractors: the compromises they choose to make when approaching construction plans. “Sometimes, in trying to cut costs for a project to offer a lower bid, quality may be significantly reduced,” he says.

Claro M. Recto constructed by Mike Lagman


Completion Year: 2020

Lot Area: 6,902.42 sqm

Gross Built Area: 2,140.76 sqm

Project Location: Lipa, Batangas

Realistic planning is a vital skill

“The best skill in construction is to have adaptability, practicality, and open-mindedness in construction,” Lagman declares. His approach to construction is rooted firmly in practicality. “Theoretical ideas may be impressive but the reality of the environment, the plot, and the materials we’re using vary in every project.”

“One of the main challenges facing construction companies today pertains to health and safety protocols,” he shares. “Our priority at MCGP is to be together in safety, motivation, and morals, and so we do not compromise on logistics.”

ICON Isabela Convention Center

For the ICON Isabela Convention Center, the mutual vision of the City of Cauayan government and MCGP was a high-quality, green infrastructure that serves the city’s booming economic growth. The site was an open clearing surrounded by greenery that contextualized the opportunity to assimilate the already naturally sustainable environment. The organization developed a rigorous construction schedule for each step and organized the workers into off-site and on-site teams, operating in perfect synchronization. 

For an in-depth description of ICON’s construction design and Mike Lagman’s full-length interview, click on the link to BluPrint’s latest e-mag issue.

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