How Do You Find The Perfect TV For Your Condo? Check This.

February 28, 2019



Denny Mata

1 | Purpose

Typically, television sets are for watching shows and films, but it’s more than that now. With smart technology integrated into the TVs, they are also used for gaming, karaoke nights, and browsing the internet among others. Thus, if you’re planning on buying a set for your condo, think first of how you’ll use your TV. Are you the gamer, the Netflix-and-turn-into-a-couch-potato type, or the I-don’t-really-watch-much-TV kind of person?
condoliving tv buying guide
Whatever you will do with the TV, there is a specification that you should be looking at, such as the picture quality, the screen resolution, brightness, the extra features, and so on. On the other hand, if you don’t really watch so much TV shows or films on the small screen, maybe you can opt to watch on your laptop, or get a projector instead for a larger view.

2 | Location

Another important thing to consider is the location of the TV. Do you have a dedicated entertainment area in your condo or do you want your TV in your sleeping area instead? Figuring out the location for your television is crucial in determining the optimal screen size as well as the furniture pieces to add in your space. For instance, if you plan to place your TV in the living area, you can determine whether there is enough space for a TV stand or a full entertainment system. At the same time, if you see that your unit has a decent ceiling height, you can take advantage of the wall space and mount the TV.
condoliving tv buying guide

3 | Budget

This one’s given. Certainly, you have to work within a certain budget. It doesn’t matter whether you want to splurge or save; you should still set a certain amount for a home appliance to track your expenses, and to see if you’ve gotten the best out of an investment.

4 | Size

Once you’ve decided on the purpose, location, and budget, it’s easier to find the right size. Simply put, the size of your TV should be proportional to the area of your condo, or at least the area where you plan to place it. To find this, you should first consider how far the seating area would be from the TV, as well as the specs of the television (According to Samsung, UHD/4K resolution allows you to sit closer to larger screens and still get a beautiful, crisp picture.). Given that you live in a condo, space is very much a concern, so be smart about the layout of your entertainment or living area with regards to the TV.
condoliving tv buying guide
Different sources give varied formulas to this. Samsung recommends to divide the total distance between the TV and the seating by 3; so, if you have allotted a distance of 10 feet (120 inches), you should be getting a 40-inch television. Meanwhile, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers recommends multiplying the seating distance (in inches) by 0.625 (a recommended viewing angle of 30 degrees). Taking the first example, it should then be: 120 inches x 0.625 = 75 inches.

5 | Store

Now that you’ve figured out what to buy, its time to search for the right appliance store to purchase from. Although you have a lot of options online, we recommend to buy from physical stores so you can test the TV set. Also, you might even score a discount from the manager (Yes, some stores give that, especially if you’re paying cash.). Another thing is, it’s best to buy from an appliance store that’s near your place so it’s easier to do returns or exchanges as well as maintenance.
condoliving tv buying guide

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