In Valencia, Spain, Clap Studio artfully designs Baovan. They are a design firm specializing in retail shops, and their focus is to create experiences through interiors, products, and artistic installations. Simplicity, elegance, and playfulness are the constant core of their projects. Baovan’s owners started the first bao home-delivery service in their hometown in Spain. The goal is to open the first bao restaurant in Valencia with designs inspired by their frequent travel in Asia and surfing explorations across the globe.

Our challenge was to create an experience in accordance with the spirit and personality of Baovan, a brand linked to the sea and with a very specific brand claim: beers, beach and baos.

Clap Studio

Clap Studio’s goal in the restaurant’s style is to impart their client’s travel experiences to the customers while enjoying the food. Sunset and forest playful aesthetics were incorporated into the design. They also thoughtfully accommodate the bao bread’s spherical shape in the interiors and replicate it across the shop’s space. The cushions, lighting installation, windows, and the exclusively designed chairs for Baovan suggest the bread’s crescent shape.

The blend of light and dark colors divides the spaces into three distinct sections. Light green wall paint and green wall ropes hanging from the ceiling define the forest zone. It is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to simulate vegetation. Baovan’s facade integrates with this section as well. The second section is the sunset area. Here, a lighting installation behind the half-moon screen attached to the wall mimics the different colors of sunset. With the use of a program to match the light’s timing and duration, the execution of the light installation becomes effective. Shades of blue and indigo characterize this area. Right beside this section is the beach area represented by peachy hues.

Both the beach and the sunset section of the restaurant have a “blanket of clouds” installed on the ceiling. It reflects the colors emanating from the light installation creating an enchanting mood for the cheerful space.

The restaurant also has a concealed area that accommodates 10 people for private functions “under the moonlight”.

All photos are from Daniel Rueda.

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