This Beautiful Prefab Space is A “Battery-Charging Station for Humans”

June 14, 2018



Patricia Herbolario

We’re all tired and stressed, be it because of work or maintaining our homes. Going on vacation often is ideal to recharge your mind and stay living an inspired life. However, for some, the thrill and adrenaline of going all around the world can be tiring. For some, the luxury of having a staycation is priceless. The VIPP Shelter is currently our dream staycation space.
Vipp Shelter, Prefab, Prefabricated house
The iconic design brand that started from a trash bin has created the prefabricated space of our dreams. The VIPP Shelter is “a unique space to unload and recharge,” shares VIPP.

‘We live in the city, but dream of the wild. This sentence was stuck in our heads.” Kasper Egelund, CEO and 3RD Generation Owner of VIPP

Vipp Shelter, Prefab, Prefabricated house
The VIPP Shelter is a beautiful structure made of glass and metal. It’s often located in the wilderness for total isolation from the stresses of city life.
Vipp Shelter, Prefab, Prefabricated house
The inside of the VIPP Shelter has almost every VIPP product available in the in the market. From VIPP’s iconic trash bin, to the kitchen modulars, to a key flashlight!

‘The VIPP shelter is a prefabricated, thought through design object.” Morten Bo Jensen, VIPP’s Chief Designer

Vipp Shelter, Prefab, Prefabricated house
It is kept together by 10,000 screws, the VIPP Shelter’s design is extremely purposeful and minimalist. It is very much inline with the brand’s key design message. It has panoramic views with the surround glass and the metal will keep you warm. With its minimalist look, the VIPP Shelter can fit into any background. However, it might not be ideal for the Philippine temperature given the materials (glass will let heat in and the metal will keep the heat in).
Vipp Shelter, Prefab, Prefabricated house
A two-floor structure, the VIPP Shelter allows you to sleep under the stars with its skylight ceilings.

In a world where everything is digital, things come and go at an extremely fast pace, we all need a place to escape. For us, that dream place will always be the VIPP Shelter.
Vipp Shelter, Prefab, Prefabricated house
Sadly, the pre-fab costs £410,700, roughly P29Million+ in Philippine Pesos. We can only dream on the amazing experience of staying at this shelter. Indeed, an investment, the VIPP Shelter is a place we wish we can be in, given the rainy season upon us.

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