Vogue Philippines Has Arrived: The Prestigious Fashion Magazine Just Launched Its Maiden Issue

August 29, 2022



Rick Formalejo

Vogue, the international fashion magazine franchise, has reached the shores of the Philippines. In January 2022, it was announced that the Philippines will be the latest international edition of the high fashion magazine title, which is under Mega Global Licensing, Inc. (MGLI). Today, Vogue Philippines launched its maiden issue–exploring the culture and identity of the Philippines, featuring Chloe Magno, a Filipino-American model whose roots are from Davao. 

Vogue Philippines’ first cover was photographed by Sharif Hamza featuring Chloe Magno wearing a
Rajo Laurel nylon and abaca dress.

The debut issue marks the arrival of Vogue Philippines, in print and on its digital and social platforms. The cover story, shot by Sharif Hamza, a British-born half-Filipino, half-Egyptian photographer, highlights the diversity of Filipino talent and beauty, with stunning locations that reflect the cultural expression of the country. 

The 36-page cover story showcases the beauty of the Philippines, with Magno floating on the lagoons of Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte, exploring the otherworldly rock formations of Biri Island, Northern Samar, and conquering the marble boulders at Tinipak River, Rizal. She wore international couture labels to local indie darlings, showing a range of designers and brands that have a mind for both luxury and sustainability.

Chloe Magno wears a HA.MU peach cloud dress at Tinipak River, Rizal.

Other notable fashion stories in the issue include a futuristic take on the terno, the traditional silhouette symbolic of Philippine national dress as interpreted by contemporary and cutting-edge Filipino designers; a feature on the next wave of emerging talent who are pushing the boundaries of fashion, whether by creating gender-disruptive clothing or diving deep into Filipino heritage; and an accessories story that celebrates the history of craft and artisanship inherent in the country’s latest must-haves.

Chloe Magno wears a piece by Ukrainian designer J’amemme at Tinipak River, Rizal.

Each Vogue franchise has its own identity. In an exclusive interview, Bea Valdes, Vogue Philippines’ Editor-In-Chief, shares that the Philippine edition will be guided by Filipino values. “We look at the characteristics that are inherently Filipino and we use that as a guide. We are focused on malasakit, we are focused on bayanihan, we are focused on this inherent sense of optimism and joy that we have. I think that’s very much the joy of the magazine,” she explains.

“Through the content in Vogue Philippines and its platforms, we hope to showcase the Philippine fashion identity, by connecting us to the global community. Vogue remains the most powerful platform for fashion’s emerging talents and their diverse perspectives. It has always been at the crest of new aesthetics and mindsets, and we are thrilled to join the fold,” says Valdes. 

MGLI President, Suki Salvador, proudly says that Vogue Philippines will be a diverse and inclusive platform to share inspiring Filipino stories and showcase world class Filipino talents. Vogue Philippines is more than a fashion magazine. Anyone, from different walks of life, can find stories they can relate to and be inspired by. 

Chloe Magno wears a Jinggoy Buensuceso headpiece and Chris Nick dress at Biri
Island, Northern Samar.

Expanding the world of fashion and beauty, Vogue Philippines also shares the stories of craft and innovation found in furniture, interiors, and architecture. In this issue the team also puts the spotlight on a French luxury furniture brand whose family of designers has been working with Cebuano artisans for decades. They also delve into the slow-build philosophy of an interior designer who is making a seaside resort purely with materials local to the island.

Chloe Magno wears a Louis Vuitton dress at Biri Island, Northern Samar.

“The maiden issue explores the concept of identity – what it is to be fashioned and shaped by our environment, our landscapes and by the people we cherish. It speaks of sustainable mindsets, in our own terms. It is filled with hometown heroes and global dreams all seen through Vogue’s unique lens,” says Valdes.

Chloe Magno wears a Leby Le Moria dress at Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte.

Architects and Interior designers can also find interesting stories and inspiration in Vogue Philippines’ first and succeeding issues. Salvador says that the maiden issue highlights Filipino materials that we’re proud of. He emphasized that such materials aren’t just used in structures but also in other things like bags and accessories. “I think you’ll be able to see that it’s not just about space. It’s also transforming things that are uniquely Filipino to things that you can see, touch, and wear,” he adds. 

As a designer herself, Valdes also shares that she has a soft spot for architecture and interior design. For her, craftsmanship and excellence extends far beyond just fashion. “For us, it is a personal set of perspective to really showcase all the best that we do within different industries. And when I think about the architectural industry, the kind of philosophies of the new designers as well as old designers who are changing their mindsets, I think it’s really exciting.” she explains.

“It’s the kind of vision that we would love to be able to tell. I think the difference would be is that Vogue has a very specific lens. The tone is very specific. It’s very much keeping in step with the person that is experiencing it. That is the kind of tone and view that we would like to bring to the audience. It’s something deeply personal. We want to be able to tell beyond the stories of the structure, beyond the stories of technique. “

Bea Valdes
Editor-In-Chief Vogue Philippines

Valdes talks about Vogue Philippines creating a strong connection to architecture and design as symbiotic extension of arts and culture. “We would like to really get into the mindset of the architects and designers to see what motivates and moves them. The wonderful thing about architecture and interior design is that you can see the physical manifestation of it. You can hold something in your hands. For me, it’s very much the experience of print, you have human stories that you can hold in your hand and have pages.” She concluded her statement by sharing how excited she is to share these kind of stories to Filipino readers.

Chloe Magno wears an Olivier Theyskens dress at Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte.

Vogue Philippines invites the world to step into its narrative, one that is uplifting and inclusive and filled with the Filipino values of optimism, empathy, and the spirit of bayanihan. The September issue is only the beginning of a journey Vogue Philippines intends to take pride with its audience, navigating the new and nuanced meanings of beauty, style, and luxury, championing Filipino creativity in its multitude of forms. 

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