The Warmblack House, designed by Greenbox Design, is a modernist structure that seamlessly connects spaces in a luxurious fashion. The attention to consistency in many aspects creates its clean design. Its awareness of natural phenomena translates to a dynamic flow of light, wind, and shadow. 

Forming Tropical Luxury 

View from garden of modernist Warmblack house.

Optics are organized through its line and colors. A sleek look is achieved through the structure’s clearly defined lines. The design’s neat organization of elements contributes to its overall clean appearance. The decision of only using a palette of gray, brown, and cream white further reinforce its cohesiveness.

The house features an L-shaped layout, intentionally chosen to accommodate a garden. This design choice enhances privacy and maximizes sunlight penetration into the property. The inter-visibility through the building promotes interaction between people and the natural environment. As such, the architects skillfully integrated the garden with the house, harmonizing both form and function in the design.

The Warmblack House’s interiors exude an ambience of warmth through its visual tones. The use of natural materials, such as wood and marble, alongside wide glazings result in a light and uplifting assembly.

The design of the home purposefully creates a relationship between its inhabitants and the outdoor environment. Numerous windows strengthen the connection between spaces. Generous openings allow air to circulate freely throughout the area and enables the observation of shifting sunlight throughout the space. 

Connections Between the Spaces of Warmblack House

Taking into account the behavior of the environment, wind tunnels integrated throughout the structure aids in natural ventilation. The staircase leads up to a bridge linking the home office and secondary bedrooms with the family room and master suite. On the second floor, each room has its own balcony, from the master’s suite to the kids’ rooms. Above the soaking tub in the master bath, a glass ceiling admits natural light, creating a unique and illuminated bathing experience.

Creating a Diverse Landscape

Dinning Room Connected to Outdoors
Outdoor Landscaping.
Outdoor Pond.

The garden’s lush foliage welcomes the sunlight while also providing shade, allowing for the extensive use of glass throughout the building’s exterior. Additionally, the building is oriented so that windows for each room are intentionally positioned for natural light and ventilation. The height of the neighboring building further helps moderate the sunlight.

The seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces takes advantages of this effect. The dining room stretches to the outside with an outdoor sitting area designed like a sunken living room. Plant boxes adorn the landscape littered with growing trees, blending Western and Eastern elements to form a harmonious entrance sequence. 

Illustration of wind movement for  Warmblack House.
Diagram of Warmblack House
Green layout diagram of Warmblack House.
Diagram by Greenbox Design

Moving Through Day And Night 

Warmblack House aligns the building with the sun’s patterns, fostering a strong connection between the indoor spaces and the external environment. The overall design stands out by embracing natural elements and juxtaposing them with a sophisticated, modern structure.

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Photographed by Panoramic Studio. Diagrams by Greenbox Design.

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