3 Ways To Get Your Condo Equipped For Any #WalangTubig Day

March 18, 2019



Denny Mata

1 | Practice The 3 Rs

The best tip would be to know how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle water. Reduce the amount of water that you use in every activity. For instance, if you’re doing the dishes, use a small basin to wash off the remnants of the food on the plates or containers; do the same when rinsing the soap off. Reuse the water you used to rinse off the dishes and other utensils to either flush the toilet or wash the used cleaning cloths.
You may also recycle the water you used for cleaning the veggies or washing your clothes to water your indoor plants through a grey water collection system, which you can install through the help of a professional (although, you might need to ask your condo’s management if it allows such).

2 | Storage Is King

We’ve recently said that a lot of storage isn’t always the best thing for condos, but we’re talking about cabinets and shelves, which are not water containers. With water, storage is king, especially when water supply interruptions are on-going in your area. The best thing you’ll have would be those barrel-like blue drums which, unfortunately, are not the most aesthetically pleasing additions you can have for your space. You may also opt for the huge pails from a certain plastic products company, which you can also use to store cavans of rice grains among other things.
If all else fails, you can use any plastic container that would fit your bathroom or whole unit. (We’ve even seen people hoarding even container cubes and large trash bins.) You also need to have a large basin so you can catch the water you use to bathe, which you can use for other things like cleaning or flushing the toilet, or washing your car.

3 | Yes To Filters

There will be instances that the water that would come out from your faucet would be yellowish or simply unfiltered. The Manila Water Company has stated that the color is due to the chemicals present in the water, but the water itself is still safe to use. Whether it is safe or not, it’s best to prepare. As mentioned earlier, you have the option to install a grey water collection system, but only when the development’s administration approves of it.
In case the admin does not allow it, you may opt for other water filtration or treatment processes like boiling, using chemical disinfection, using UV light, or using activated charcoal. You may also buy water filters from the hardware: the inexpensive pitcher-type that can fit your refrigerators, the under-sink filter, the on-counter type that you can connect directly to your faucet, and the faucet-mounted ones.

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