Situated atop Rizal’s airy, verdant hills, Art Sector Gallery is an industrial-modern building that envelopes a massive rock. Part of the pre-existing landscape, this is where visitors can contemplate the newest in contemporary art along with the views of natural beauty.

Ninety minutes away from Manila is an art gallery with a cafe built and designed to work around a massive rock on the property, which became its focal point. With the comeback of the modern museum, it’s a long-awaited addition to the list of must-see places in the metro.

The designer perfectly blends the industrial with the natural.
Photo courtesy of Art Sector
Photo courtesy of Art Sector
Art Sector Gallery view
The upper floors offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

Art Sector Gallery was initially intended to be a rest house and studio by Antonio “Tony” Leaño, A multi-awarded artist and the man behind the design of the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Leaño received the prestigious “13 Artists Award” from the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1994 and has had exhibits here and overseas. Pinto Art Museum owner Joven Cuanang describes him as a “polymath.”

The use of space and patterns of light in the gallery provide a backdrop for the artwork.
Photo courtesy of Art Sector

Leaño has always dreamt of having his own art gallery and thought that this property with a 360-degree view of Binangonan would be perfect for art exhibitions. He built a five-level structure with a mixture of Mediterranean and industrial characteristics, similar to his work at Pinto Art Museum. 

I Am Humanity, 2018 by Antonio C. Leaño

Art Sector, which also has a view of Laguna Lake, Sierra Madre Mountains, and Pililla Windmills, opened to the public in the last quarter of 2019. The inaugural offerings were a solo show by illustrious artist Cris Villanueva Jr. entitled Big Ideas, Confusing Images, and Distorted Facts, and a group exhibition entitled, Above Sea Level, featuring 35 Filipino Artists that included works of the owner himself in company with Elmer Borlongan, Winner Jumalon, Dex Fernandez, Joven Mansit, Dondon Jeresano, JP Duray, Linds Lee, Aes Arcilla, Jim Orencio, and a few more well-known contemporary artists. Some of these works are on display in the gallery. Art Sector still plans to hold quarterly exhibits and can also be rented for events and shoots. Currently, Colors out of Space by Artist Chris Villegas is on view at the Art Sector’s Cafe area.

Contemporary Paintings
In Search for the Holy Grail, 2018
Antonio C. Leaño

According to Art Sector’s Angelika Leaño, Apart from acting as a mere venue for exhibitions and showcasing of art, Art Sector is in itself a form of art; it is its very own exhibition; and most of all, it is a firsthand, active sensory experience—and it is the artist’s highest hopes that his fusion of the urban and rural and the manmade and natural has given the beauty of the location justice.”

The use of space and patterns of light in the gallery provide a backdrop for the artwork.
Photo courtesy of Art Sector
Building at night
The building is especially beautiful lit up at night.

Art Sector Gallery is located at Eastridge Ave, Binangonan, Rizal. 

To schedule a visit and for more info, visit @artsectorph

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