The Future of Kitchen: How Scavolini Is Changing The Way We Design Healthy Spaces

August 10, 2021



Maria Rebecca Abaya

As we go back to regenerate our system, we all want to be optimistic and thrive in healthy spaces using sustainable resources. The future of design is changing the way people engage with the environment, leading to greener living. One such breakthrough for healthy living is escalated more since the scare game isn’t over. Thanks to the advanced engineering of Scavolini, as well as its creative and functional design, this brand is at the forefront of home sustainability. With well-made and functional solutions for the home environment (kitchen, living room, and bathroom), portrayed by a strong and distinctive Italian design, this definitely makes the details all the more interesting in the foundation of healthy spaces. Read on to discover how Scavolini’s creations are merging the best of technologies and sustainability.

The Healthy Space

The brand is true to its vision: “Excellent quality, straightforward modularity, multi-faceted design, and reasonable prices.” These characteristics not only define Scavolini, but the demands of the modern world. Going in-depth with Scavolini, it expands its reach through “Beautiful, quality kitchens that are affordable at the same time, enhancing the company’s already extensive product range.”

Scavolini’s approach to design, coupled with a contemporary, industrial vibe, creates an atmosphere that encourages mindfulness and simplicity.

The sustainable movement is the future of the kitchen system. Taking an eco-friendly direction in designing your new kitchen means making important decisions based on your basic needs. These decisions aren’t always straightforward. Some eco-conscious design possibilities might use less energy but actually cost a whole lot more than we projected. The simplest way to achieve a sustainable kitchen is to make conscious choices to narrow down ideas and use space efficiently. Going back to basics means creating a kitchen tailored perfectly to your lifestyle. No more, no less. All things considered, it’s a decision that will save you time, money, and ultimately, help the environment.

One of Scavolini’s collections that exemplify their commitment to creating healthy spaces is the Diesel Open Workshop. The collection’s modular structures allow the customer to create a truly customized, well-organized system to streamline the flow of healthy activities in the kitchen.

Scavolini’s commitment to creating healthy spaces is exemplified in the Diesel Open Workshop collection.

All these were carefully considered by Scavolini. Over the years, the company designed systems that will make your everyday living experience versatile, convenient, and stylish. Summed up in two words, integration, and independence are their cornerstone qualities for such systems. Integration shows the perfect combination of the creative style and the multi-functionality of spaces. Meanwhile, independence means allowing the integrated spaces to still serve their rightful purpose individually. These concepts establish a more sustainable lifestyle through lessened carbon footprint by not needing to go in and out of multiple rooms. Also, the use of building materials is minimized to only what is needed.

Into The Heart Of The Matter 

But what exactly is a healthy space? Most of the time, people think that decluttering is key, but it isn’t always the only choice. Yes, having tidy homes can be the start, but it is designing functional spaces, without compromising quality and style, that will give the users a more holistic experience. This is the heart of Scavolini.

Today, integration and independence are very much needed in our kitchens as well. Scavolini, being one of the pioneers in kitchen furniture systems, saw how the function of the kitchen evolved from space for food preparation to an informal space for relationship growth. Healthy kitchens are about addressing the five essential questions in their most basic form.

5 essential questions bring you back to the basics of what’s in a kitchen space. These are the simple yet profound words: who, what, where, when, and how.

Who are the users? Knowing their preference, personality, their daily life will change the game. A healthy kitchen for one user may not be healthy for another user. Designing customizable compositions address the differences of needs.

What is done in the kitchen? Mainly, its food preparation. Designs and finishes must be easy to maintain, easy to clean, and shouldn’t attract or hold tiny invaders such as molds and insects. Compartments for proper segregation of waste should also be considered.

Where is the kitchen located? As the heart of the home, it is preferred that it should be accessible to all other living spaces. Adjacency to a window is a must for proper air circulation and as preparation for the gloomy days, it is important to have ventilation hoods installed. Nowadays, having easy access to the house’s main entrance is also considered for those grocery deliveries.

When is the kitchen used? Traditionally, kitchens are only busy three times a day. It drastically changed when all the lockdowns and quarantines were (or still are) implemented. Trips to the kitchen became as often as you check that mobile phone. The realization is, creating an open, free layout is the way to go. It does not only lessen the sound of a kitchen door that keeps banging, it also suggests a space where the family can spend time together over quick bites any time of the day.

How is the kitchen used? Aside from knowing the user’s preference, the flow and circulation will tremendously affect how one uses the kitchen. Compositions should veer the users away from wrong and untidy practices leading them into a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

Introducing The New Home System

From understanding how to address the essentials of a healthy kitchen, the knowledge and expertise broaden into other spaces resulting to Scavolini’s Formalia, the New Home System. This is the newest collection from Scavolini, an outstanding collaboration between the brand and designer, Vittore Niolu. The collection offers great solutions starting from the kitchen range, to the living room and the bathroom. It expresses the encounter between linearity and graphic design. According to Niolu, the team reinterpreted home systems through the integration of the form of furniture with its function. It showcases varied styles that adapt to any setting. The focus of the collection is to bring out the function while exuding that pure form of elegance.

Starting with the Formalia Kitchen collection, it aims to enhance the value of the heart of every home, the kitchen, in a sophisticated way, while having it stand out and be at par with the current trends. Overall, the main distinguishing feature of the collection is the shaped door that displays elegant handles in black and titanium finish, which highlights its eye-catching aesthetics.


To understand more of the collection, let’s zoom in on the other essential features. First is the Status Wall System. It is an open-fronted modular system with frames that is available in three dress codes, Titanium, Black, or Rust colors. This wall system can be incorporated into the kitchen project itself or can be used as a partition element between adjoining living areas. The second feature is the handle profiles in Titanium and Black colors as well, which are incorporated into its shaped doors. The third is its Titanium finish for the plinth that creates visual connection throughout the elements of the entire kitchen. Fourth is the Titanium or Black painted aluminum frame doors with smoked clear Stopsol glass. Next, it offers open-fronted storage elements, complete with pull-out trays that can be a part of the whole Status Wall System or can be positioned freely on their own. Lastly, the final feature speaks of the variety of pitch external handles that are available for plain door tall units.


Like with the kitchen collection, Formalia Living presents how Scavolini reinvented domestic furniture. The compositions allow the users to breathe and enjoy the functionality and versatility of the spaces. Being in a state of pure relaxation and having the time for yourself is what Formalia Living wants to extend to its users. It is keeping in mind that the living room is the place where we relax and unwind, making the house a home. Using muted hues of Rust or Teal Green for the system units with carefully laid out lights completes the experience of a soothing and enjoyable harmony of the elements. Also, with the visionary placement of the Status Wall System other than the kitchen, the spaces become diverse and even creates new ones like home offices. Home offices that are warm, organized, versatile, and genuinely exemplify multi-purpose home systems.


Bathrooms are as essential as the kitchen and the living spaces. It is where we clean our bodies and freshen up for good personal hygiene. Following the same distinct features of the Formalia collection, Formalia Bathrooms becomes a style icon with its undisputed personality. Additional features would be the Status Wall-Mounted Towel Rails, Sit-on Trays, and the Magneto Wall accessories. The innovative combination of the elements and features increases the value of your bathroom in an elegant and more refined way. The collection’s best descriptions were an elegance stemming from silhouettes, the beauty of hanging geometric shapes, and its volumes and finishes exhibiting that contemporary feel.

Integration Of Physical Wellness Through Healthy Spaces

For Scavolini, the brand’s interpretation of design as experimentation and painstaking care for details has led to the launch of Gym Space that introduces fitness corners that envisage the use of equipment designed to stay in shape into the bathroom. What lies at the heart of the project? Gymnastics Wall Bars, a piece of gym equipment around which the entire range revolves.

Taking the gym into your bathroom, The 2-in-1 space of Mattia Pareschi’s The Gym Space Project promotes a new concept of wellness as an answer to the heightened call of the need for healthy spaces. If kitchens extend to being an informal gathering space, bathroom functions are also redefined today. Pareschi’s project was formed through the seamless integration of two functional space systems, the bathroom and gym systems, combining physical well-being with personal grooming, while allowing these spaces to serve their purpose independently.

Generally, the Gym Space Project redesigns the typical components and accessories for bathroom furnishings by including elements such as wall-mounted frame bars. These bars as we know are dedicated to physical exercise thus bringing a new way and means of how to incorporate fitness into the mundane activities of our daily lives. The intelligent and extraordinary reinterpretation of Gymnastic Wall Bars is the heart of the project. As the starting point of configuring the composition, the bars become the ultimate base and onto which the additional sports equipment is applied according to the user’s preferences, which also includes the Scavolini bench and traction bar. From it, suitable bathroom furnishings are added that will blend with overall style and functionality. It is in mind that these compositions are limitless, giving utmost customization for the user’s ultimate satisfaction.

How Is Scavolini Changing The Game?

“With a precise six decades on the kitchens market behind it, Scavolini is one of Italian industry’s most modern, important production models, and its brand strategy continues to be rewarded with impressively large figures, and growing success at the international level.”

Scavolini, the largest kitchen furniture manufacturer in Italy, embarks on a new milestone as they celebrate their 60 years of great history this 2021. The small workshop that brothers, Valter and Elvino Scavolini initiated in 1961 in the city of Pesaro has now grown into one of the world’s leading and reputable makers of kitchen and furniture systems. It all started in championing elegant and effective kitchen designs, extended these remarkable concepts to the bathroom, the walk-in wardrobe, and the living room, now creating a total package of stylish and functional home spaces as a whole. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global trendsetter, Scavolini has truly proven how they continued and will continue, to evolve and launch innovative designs to cater to the ever-changing needs of the society, especially amidst the pandemic.

Throughout the years, Scavolini never failed its mission of having satisfied customers, which also functions as the company’s biggest asset. Moving forward to more years of exceptional design collaborations and systems, Scavolini carries on with raising the bar and the quality of domestic life through its beautiful, well-made, and functional designs. Known for the best technologies and sustainability, Scavolini also takes into account the excellent value for money for its customers. Overall, the company will continue to address the needs of humanity like today’s call for comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, healthy spaces.

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