What’s Your Home Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

July 26, 2023



Shan Arcega

Designing a home involves looking for inspiration everywhere. The house we would build completely on our own is also another extension of our identity and starts a process where we immerse ourselves into finding the right pieces that fit and ultimately make our dream home.

For some people, inspiration can be seen in their own birthdates. Astrology has been a reference point for some people for the longest time. While many zodiac stereotypes don’t completely make up a person or answer for their thoughts and actions, it still is a way to help us understand our own identity. In this case, astrology can make finding the home style that suits us most into an even more enjoyable pursuit. 

A fiery Aries would suit the brazen and sleek Contemporary style best. Photo from R Architecture.

ARIES – Contemporary

Known as the most courageous of the Zodiac signs, a fiery Aries sign home should be a sleek contemporary house where incoming visitors can see all the latest housing trends through tall sliding glass windows and steel frameworks. Low maintenance and minimalist, a contemporary house is classy, masculine, and highly impressive.

The Gamble House is an iconic American Arts and Crafts home designed by Greene & Greene in Pasadena, California, built between 1908 and 1909. Photo by Martin Green.

TAURUS – American craftsman

As an earth sign, Taurus is known for being grounded, responsible, and practical. For these calm signs who enjoy something cozy, sturdy, and natural, the American Craftsman home should be a good fit. A style that reared its head in the early 20th century against the pretentiousness of Victorian flamboyance, the American Craftsman style is nostalgic and classic with organic materials and design values inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. 

A high execution of the Queen Anne style. The Carson Mansion is located in Eureka, California. Photo by Maylett.

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GEMINI – Victorian/Edwardian

Inquisitive but adaptable, playful but sensitive, the air sign Gemini doesn’t shy from highfalutin looks and suits best with the historical, whimsical, and colorful Victorian home that also functions as a museum with some of the most quirky and interesting pieces that make for the best stories for a Gemini to tell guests.

Homey cottage homes that are their own pockets of paradise are the homes most fit for Cancers. Photo by Laura Barry.

CANCER – Cottage 

Ruled by the crab, Cancerians like tiny homes that they can turn into their own little piece of paradise. Reminiscent of the medieval villages or stony shacks in quiet forests, a cottage surrounded by a well-tended garden would be a great home for a Cancer.

The Mediterranean home that basks under the sun and is connected with nature would be the best palace fit for Leo. Photo by Durian Bullet.

LEO – Mediterranean style

A fire sign that thrives in the summer and the outdoors, a Leo house should be something that pulls in cool breezes and doesn’t keep the sun out. A Mediterranean-style beachside villa marked with red tiles, stucco, and expansive archways will feel like Leo’s perfect castle.

Made popular after World War II, the Midcentury modern style is practical and functional but still impressionable. Photo by Richard Lund.

VIRGO – Midcentury Modern

Virgos keep their eyes on practicality and functionality but they also balance this with beautiful finishing touches that visitors wouldn’t forget. Midcentury Modern homes gained popularity after World War II when the trend leaned more towards minimalism that still had open floor plans and large windows that let the indoors and outdoors blend together.

The Glen Manor House in Rhode Island, for instance, is a French Provincial architecture. Photo by Beyond My Ken.

LIBRA – French Provincial 

Ruled by Venus, Libras want a home that is nothing less than beautiful. French Provincial-style homes, for example, combine contemporary luxury with an airy and inviting space to host friends and family. Its trademark features include stone walls, elegant turrets, and subtle finishing touches that mirror those seen on charming chateaus. 

Tough and blends well with its hot and almost inhospitable surroundings, Pueblo Revival homes are as hardy as Scorpios. Photo by Rebecca McManus.

SCORPIO – Pueblo Revival

Deeply passionate and known for not giving up without a fight, undeniably, a Scorpio and their toughness can be equated to the strong and dignified Pueblo Revival homes that are built to withstand the desert’s harsh and hot climate. 

Shotgun houses are colorful and give off the energy of bustling communities. Photo by Bryan Tarnowski.

SAGITTARIUS – Shotgun House

Known to be a non-conformist personality, a Sagittarius could enjoy the Shotgun Houses of New Orleans which are famous for colorful exteriors and innovative floor plans. Though these homes are small, they encourage a community-oriented vibe as they allow the maximum number of houses on a lot.

Classic and strong with traces of affluence, Georgian Colonial homes are the stable homes fit for Capricorns. Photo by Diane Picchiottino.

CAPRICORN – Georgian Colonial

Another earth sign that values stability, tradition, and affluence, Capricorns would like a home that expresses classic affluence. Popular during the 18th century, Georgian Colonial homes have a signature symmetry combined with brick walls, elegant proportions, and classic window panes. 

The Wing House in Bali, Indonesia has an unusual form that still blends with its surroundings. Photo by KIE.

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Known to be analytical and innovative, aloof and detached, the airy Aquarius sign would enjoy a home that lives in harmony with nature but also helps minimize one’s carbon footprint. Asian-style architecture are designs that prioritize roofing, geometric designs, and a healthy garden to balance everything out. 

Cape Cod houses are quiet homes that the romantic Pisces would enjoy peaceful days in. Photo by Ken Wiedemann.

PISCES – Cape Cod

Lastly, Deeply intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic, Pisces are known to be romantic homebodies that could enjoy living near the beach in a Cape Cod house. Characterized by wooden shingles side-gabled roofs, and a deck that looks out into the open water, Cape Cods are the very essence of the word ‘home’. 

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