Here's 4 Reasons Why You CANNOT Hang Your Clothes at Your Balcony

March 28, 2018



Denny Mata

the balcony is often a problem to condo dwellers who have limited space in their unit to fit in a clothes drying rack. Those with no washer-dryer washing machine and have no time to go to laundry shops know this frustration. If you’re guilty of hanging clothes at your balcony or even by your window, you need to STOP IT RIGHT NOW. There are many disadvantages to drying your clothes in your balcony, here’s 4 main ones that will make you reconsider doing so:

1 Laundry At The Balcony Is An Eye-Sore

As conspicuous as the clothes you just hung at your balcony, this is one obvious reason. No matter how expensive and stylish your clothes are, they will be an eye-sore to the public or at least to your neighbors and building administrator.

2 It Diminishes The Building’s Value

Speaking of admin, here’s where they’re coming from: the building loses its value when they let you dry clothes at the balcony. Your building admin doesn’t want to look that because that reduces their sale price. If you’re planning to resell your condo after a couple of years, do yourself a favor: stop hanging your clothes there and let the value appropriate, not depreciate.

3 You May Lose Your Clothes

Not only sale price is lost, your clothes may also get lost—gone with the wind or gone with the thief. If you’re living high up, there’s a chance that the wind might be too strong to dry clothes outside. If your clothespins or hangers aren’t sturdy enough, you just might lose that beloved pair of jeans of yours. If the wind isn’t so much a problem for you, there’s a risk an onlooker or a passerby might think your clothes are up there for their taking.

4 It’s Dirty and Unhealthy

Last but not the least, drying your clothes in your balcony is NOT healthy and is no where sanitation. Living in the metro, your building is exposed to pollutants and other microbes, and the clothes you dry at your balcony are prone to these. Not to mention birds and bees flying by, which might dirty your freshly washed clothes.

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