5 Things You Need To Know About Wilcon Depot’s Online Home Store

January 9, 2019



Denny Mata

With its goal to deliver better product offering and customer satisfaction and service, Philippines’ retail giant Wilcon Depot aspires to be the top-of-mind home retailer—not just in the physical store but also online. And the company claimed 2019 as the right time to go another level higher with the launch of its online store. “As e-commerce makes progress in the retail landscape, Wilcon Depot is also taking its efforts to be visible to more potential customers, who have ready access to the internet. Moving towards our goal to serve our customers well, this initiative to establish our brand in the digital world will surely result to better customer engagement through the e-commerce platform,” said Wilcon Depot president and CEO Lorraine Belo-Cincochan in a press release. condoliving wilcon depot online store And here’s what you need to know as consumers:

1 | New Year, New Home

With its new home online, home and design enthusiasts can now enjoy the convenience of shopping Wilcon’s featured products—no more walking through every aisle to find the perfect piece, just key in what you’re looking for on the search bar! Product information, local and national promotions, branch locations, and newsletter subscription are also available in its e-commerce site.

2 | First Dibs

Wilcon’s online store officially went live on January 9, 2019, so get your virtual shopping carts ready to shop. Log on to shop.wilcon.com.phcreate your account, and shop away!

3 | Credit Cards

Cash on delivery is not an option for now, but you can definitely purchase Wilcon products using your credit cards. Wilcon Depot will be accepting payments via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

4 | BOPIS Or Deliver

The online store offers two modes of getting your purchased items: BOPIS and Via Delivery. BOPIS literally translates to “buy online, pick up in store,” according to Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Rosemarie Ong, which in a way still allows you to still examine the products at a Wilcon branch near you. You can also avail of its delivery services with a minimum purchase of Php5000 and a minimum delivery fee of Php500. Additional charges may apply depending on the location of delivery. Wilcon’s online store delivery services will be first available to parts of Metro Manila. It will soon extend to the rest of the Philippines islands.

5 | Shop Exclusive 

Ms. Ong clarifies that not all the 35,000 active SKUs of Wilcon products will be available on the site, but this project will be starting with a few thousand SKUs. She adds that the online shopping feature will be focusing on Wilcon exclusive brands as well as Wilcon private label brands.

For more information visit www.wilcon.com.ph and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @wilcondepot.ph.

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