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July 27, 2018



Denny Mata

On the first episode of the reboot of BluPrint Conversations, we sit down with William Ti, Jr., principal of WTA Architecture and Design Studio. William founded the studio in 2007 with his friends after partnering first in 2005, three years after acquiring his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Sto. Tomas. With a master’s degree in Urban Design from the National University of Singapore (2012), he has worked on various projects including retail shops, housing projects, large scale malls, condos, hotels, and masterplans.

The studio have also taken on community-driven projects that even won them slots and awards in international architecture and design award-giving bodies. Here are three of their note-worthy projects.

bluprint-architecture-wta architecture and design studio bluprint conversations social architecture book stop project
The first “The Book Stop Project” design is an open and modern structure designed as a passageway with an expanded wire mesh exterior shell that wraps around the steel angle bars and flat bars that serve as the structure’s frame. The base is made of thermoplastic wood with steel framing, while the roofing is covered with polycarbonate sheets. Inside, a bench is attached on one side, and book shelves and chalkboard strips on the other.

1 | The Book Stop Project

WTA describes the project as “a pop-up public library network that explores how libraries need to evolve to engage with and attract contemporary users and promote reading in the next generation, as well as galvanize communities by creating community events where people can interact and share ideas with each other.” The project won the Excellent Communications Design (Architecture) at the German Design Award 2018.

bluprint-architecture-wta architecture and design studio bluprint conversations social architecture book stop project
The most recent design for The Book Stop Project was imagined like a staircase, providing more seating capacity.

2 | Chapel of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

In 2009, the Diocese of Catarman, Northern Samar, appealed to the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica’s Priory for assistance in building a mission hospital, which WTA Architecture and Design Studio took on. The studio designed a small chapel for the sisters and patients in the courtyard, with a silhouette comparable to praying hands. The studio describes the project: “The Chapel of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica serves as the heart of the mission hospital compound. Around this prostrate form, the bustling activities of the hospital goes on. And as one goes through the hospital or even as one arrives, the sleek wooden cross can be seen held up high by the praying hands of the chapel.”

bluprint architecture wta architecture and design studio bluprint conversations social architecture chapel of st. benedict and st. scholastica
According to WTA, the form of the chapel is inspired by the roofs of nearby houses making the chapel resonate with the locals and intriguing them with the unfamiliar scale.

The project is shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2017 under the Religion – Completed and Best Use of Color categories.

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3 | El Museo del Prado en Filipinas

“The concept of this travelling exhibit takes the basic elements of a museum and creates a module adaptive to the streetscape. Through a modular design that is both visually and functionally derivative of the El Museo Del Prado, the project achieves its goal of giving the public access to the museum’s rich collection of art,” WTA describes the project.

bluprint architecture wta architecture and design studio bluprint conversations social architecture el museo del prado en filipinas
“The modules, which follow the form of an arch, combine to form a visual representation of El Museo del Prado through its defining vaults and arcade, and provide shade and visual interest through its sail-like canopies positively reminiscent of umbrellas,” describes WTA.

The project is a WAF Finalist for Display Category, and an Architizer A+ Awards finalist for Popular Choice Awards under the Museum category.

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In the globally competitive world of architecture and design, what is the importance of participating in international exhibits and events? WTA Architecture and Design Studio’s principal, William Ti Jr. lets us in on why he thinks it’s crucial for his practice in the BluPrint Conversations episode below.

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Images from WTA Architecture and Design Studio

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