Top Hacks: The 10 Condo Tips Everyone Can’t Get Enough Of In 2018

January 7, 2019



Denny Mata

1 | Divide To Multiply

We tend to use our small spaces for multiple functions. For instance, our dining area is also our prep area for cooking, our living area is also our dining area, or our living area is also our sleeping area. While this is understandable for tiny studio flats, it’s always a better choice to have visual or physical division among the areas we use. Doing so multiplies the functionality and liveability of our spaces. And it’s no longer a surprise why a story on room dividers placed first in our Top Hacks list.

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2 | For Dine 

It’s understandable that condo dwellers enjoy the restaurants and cafés in their vicinity, and sometimes don’t see the need for a dining table. However, it does make a difference, especially for those times you don’t have a choice but stay home, or when you have guests coming over for dinner. Incorporating one, even in a tiny area, is a must, and it seemed like it’s a much needed furniture to our readers.

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3 | Turning Over

Moving into a new home, especially in a condominium unit, can be a daunting moment in a person’s life; but, it can also be an exciting one if only he or she knows what to prepare for. In one of our 2018 articles on condo turnover, we listed down tips from home experts and designers. And everyone’s taking note! turnover tips

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4 | Daily Decluttering

Decluttering or tidying up—whichever reminds you of Marie Kondo—it’s definitely a process that everyone should learn to incorporate in his or her life. Although some may argue that they function better in an “organized chaos”, a messy space can bring negative effects into their lives, physically, emotionally, and even socially. That’s why it’s best to prevent the bad vibes by practicing decluttering, even for a few minutes of your day. And it looks like our condo neighbors are thinking it, too. condoliving decluttering methods

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5 | The Art Of Feng Shui 

The Chinese influence in our lives is so apparent that even in organizing and styling our spaces, we seek help from the ancient Chinese art and pseudoscience of Feng Shui. Especially in every new year that comes, people are more adamant in following the system, but our readers love to read about it year-round.

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6 | Decorate A Rental

In 2018, we launched a new series, #AskNextDoor where we answer frequently asked questions on designing or decorating a condo, where to find the best deals on construction materials, furniture pieces, and other home accessories. Our first article is on decorating a bare rental studio unit, and it’s been an all-time fave by CondoLiving readers since. condoliving decorate rental condo

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7 | Dapitan Arcade Shopping

Thrift-shopping is the best option when working on a tight budget, and the one place that’s been the talk of the town is Dapitan Arcade. It’s a treasure trove of budget-friendly home accessories, and it’s a must-visit if you’re on the look out for new things to spice up your space. We released a guide for first-time buyers, and we’re glad a lot of our readers found it helpful. condoliving dapitan arcade thrift shop

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8 | Before You Buy

More than moving into a new condo, buying the unit is scarier. However, you won’t have to be scared of the responsibility if you’ve thoroughly thought about the six things we’ve discussed in one of our articles in 2018. condoliving contemporary filipino rental condo

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9 | A For Affordable

Admit it, we’re all for the affordable option. Whether you own a luxurious penthouse or a modest studio unit, we always aim for the pieces with the most bang for every buck. And we are always on the look out for the stores that curate the most stylish yet budget-friendly furniture pieces, and accessories, like the seven furniture stores we listed down in one of our#AskNextDoor articles. condoliving mandaue foam

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10 | Priorities, Priorities

Whether it’s an exciting or a daunting moment in your life, moving into your first condo needs a ton of thinking and reconsidering. It also requires a lot of patience and balancing your priorities. We’ve broken them down in one article. Read it if you haven’t already. condoliving crate barrel 2018 fall collection green means go line and mixology line

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