9 Questions With The Duo Behind Interior Design Studio Triptych + Co

September 15, 2021



Denny Mata

Triptych + Co. These designers are ready to transform condos and houses with style and a lot of storage!
But before that transformation, get to know them better:

1 | How did you meet?

PSID. We were exhibit group mates. We’re supposed to be three but the other one moved to Sydney. We started Triptych + Co. a couple years after.

2 | What do you think made your partnership last this long?

We’ve been working together for four years already. I think the reason why we’ve lasted this long is that we pretty much share the same design philosophy and we more or less like the same things. We also give each other space, make our own decisions and support each other in those decisions. And we trust each other when it comes to design.
Triptych + Co spacious condo Condoliving magazine interior design manila interior design Philippines

3 | What made you transition from your previous job into full-time interior designer?

Tricia: I was in the corporate world, I was in sales for a food company. It was like a now or never kind of thing.
Trisca: After PSID, I got married. Then I moved to Pampanga with my husband because he’s based there. I applied for companies, Triboa Bay Living. I still work with them now as a consultant.

4 | Complete the sentence: Design is ____.

Design could be a lot of things. It’s a way of life. It’s everywhere.

5 | If you were gonna be a furniture piece, what would you be?

Tricia: Bentwood chair—a wishbone chair, specifically. It’s timeless, and it can blend with any interior style. It’s also durable, and it looks so simple yet it’s casually sophisticated.
Trisca: A hanging lamp. Kasi it really can change the mood of the entire space.
Triptych + Co spacious condo Condoliving magazine interior design manila interior design Philippines

6 | Any client pet peeve/s?

Clients who don’t trust you. Or if they want something designed for a really, really low price.

7 | What is the design style you resonate most to?

We’re very eclectic but very clean, but it’s hard to encapsulate it in one design style. We like working with details. All our spaces look very clean and well-put-together.

8 | Who is or are your design hero/heroes?

Roman and Williams, the design duo from New York. They started as set designers for movies. Then ventured into residential, commercial. They have a store right now. Our aesthetics are very similar to them. It’s soft, industrial, but not too trendy. Timeless but not too classic.
Triptych + Co spacious condo Condoliving magazine interior design manila interior design Philippines

9 | What is your best design tip?

The design should be about the client’s way of living and not the style. It’s about the client’s lifestyle and personality. The way we design is very customized. We don’t have a set of formulas when designing, it’s about their lives on a day-to-day basis. It should enhance the clients’ way of living.

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