An Innovative Solution To Sustainable Roof Coating Has Just Arrived

July 30, 2021



Jeronne De Villa

Learn about Hyquin Technologies as they team up with Cornland International and DioChemie to bring one of the latest advancements in roof care technology to the country

When they tell you to “always keep it cool,” they don’t just mean your head; they also mean the parts of your home that don’t usually get the attention they deserve. Luckily enough, Hyquin Advanced Cleaning and Coating Technologies is following through on its advocacy for sustainable cool roofing technology as they partner with Cornland International and DioChemie to provide brand-new services equipped with the latest top-notch cool roof coating technologies to the Philippines.

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Discovering cool roof coating

Most of us are content with giving our roofs a regular paint job and forgetting about it right after, but maintenance isn’t always that simple. Aspects such as paint color and type are essential to the quality of coating your roof will have. Fortunately, cutting-edge players such as Cornland International and DioChemie have formulated the most apt solution to keep roofs cool despite harsh conditions, 24/7. Like light colors on a hot day, cool roof coating provides an extra layer of protection that reflects sunlight, so that your roof absorbs less heat.

Some of you may ask: if reflecting sunlight is the name of the game, then why not just use white paint? Once again, it’s not always that simple. Traditional white paint has limited to zero roof-cooling properties and, most importantly, does not come with a warranty.

Cool roof coating on the other hand, makes use of specially-engineered materials that address more than just the aesthetics. In addition to keeping the heat out of buildings, Hyquin’s cool roof coating system provides waterproofing, self-cleaning, energy savings, and corrosion-resistance, and inhibits the growth of microorganisms, while lasting longer and requiring less maintenance. Apart from that, roofs applied with cool coating are perfect for reducing electricity consumption from fans and air conditioning, which also reduces greenhouse-gases emissions.  

“Cool roof coating products have the power to make a difference, not only for a building’s occupants but the environment around them,” says Mark Tupas from DioChemie. “They’re highly used, implemented and even enforced in advanced countries. Naturally, I wanted to bring this technology to the Philippines, a country that would really benefit from its use.”

Perfect for the tropics

If you’re wondering whether such technology is even applicable to the erratic natural conditions of the Philippines, you only have to remember our fiery-hot summer days of March, April, and May to find out. Apart from the obvious tropical warmth, mega cities such as Metro Manila are often warmer than their surrounding areas due to the pavements and buildings absorbing solar heat and slowly releasing it to its surroundings, as well as cars and other heat-emitting objects. Cities that encounter this “urban heat island effect” are perfect areas to apply cool roofing technology, as the technology not only cools an entire building, it also negates the warming effect that uncoated buildings have against their surroundings as well. 

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The best in class

With a litany of positive benefits for your roof and for the environment, Hyquin is providing the most innovative products in the international market today. “Three DioChemie products are integral to the quality and performance of Hyquin’s Cool Roof Coating services: Polymesh for repairs, Polyquid for waterproofing and CoolTech for cooling performance.” says Val De Vera from Hyquin.

Apart from these top-of-the-line products, Hyquin was also able to develop its very own smart cool roof coating system, which effectively and efficiently improves the performance and prolongs the life of roofs. 

First, Hyquin implements a deep cleaning process that enables the roof to be cleared of dirt and debris, enabling the coating to adhere properly. The application of deep cleaning also helps expose cracks, damage, and holes that are repaired using Polymesh prior to coating. After the cleaning process, Hyquin then applies a single coat of Polyquid for waterproofing. A coating, adhesive and sealant, all-in-one solution, Polyquid also helps increase the structural strength and integrity of roofs. Finally, Hyquin applies DioChemie’s CoolTech coating to enable the roof to reflect the sun’s heat. 

It’s high time we take care of one of the most important components of our homes—that one thing that protects us from the harsh elements of outside. Cool Roof Coating is the best method of doing so, and Hyquin is one call away from applying such services to your roof.

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