BluPrint, the leading authority in modern Filipino architecture and design, proudly presents its latest masterpiece: Architecture of Silence. This exquisite coffee table book is a celebration of intuitive spaces. In it, we showcase 18 remarkable architectural projects across the Philippines that redefine the boundaries of design and innovation. 

Architecture of Silence captures the essence of silence and serenity within these unique homes. It is an ode to the profound impact of space on human experience. Each featured project embodies a unique narrative. They blend cultural influences with contemporary design principles to create environments that speak volumes through their tranquility. Here’s a little taste of the 10 architectural projects featured in the book. 

Edwin Uy – House No. 26

House entrance with interwoven facade.

“There is much to draw from this inspiring location, but also the greater region’s cache of cultural traditions. This is why i thought to integrate textile weaving into the design” 

Architect Edwin Uy expertly weaves a narrative between the indoors and the outdoors through this stunning home located in Cagayan De Oro. House 26 stands out with its interwoven facade that showcases a knack for quality craftsmanship. A cantilever staircase mirrors the elevated entrances of vernacular structures such as the bahay kubo. All of these components work together to frame the panoramic view of the bay and its surrounding mountains.  

Nazareno Architecture – Bahay Huni

Modernist Home with pool.

Inspired by the bird’s song, Nazareno Architecture manages to design a house that captures the sweet sounds of nature. The Bahay Huni sits across an aviary that immerses one in the natural world despite its urban setting in Muntinlupa City. Users are greeted by a tree-like canopy set against the backdrop of the structure’s freestanding polygonal volumes. 

Jorge Yulo – Moire House

House with louvering.

“It was difficult to fathom the volume of the owner’s art collection and the personal experiences they had with each piece, so I just provided focal points throughout the house for them to install art work and personalize the house to their personalities”

The Moire House, by Architect Jorge Yulo, is a refuge for the soul as it hosts a wide array of the homeowner’s collection. The moire pattern, the superimposition of lines, ornament the eaves and reflects the lofty ideals of the high art it houses. Penrosian style stairs form an illusion of an eternal unbroken stairwell, just one of the many visual plays that Yulo integrates into the design. 

Jason Buensalido – Hill House

spiraling staircase against a backdrop of greenery.

“When I talk about being sensitive to nature, it’s really about being aware and cognizant about what the site and nature are offering to you.”

The Hill House finds inspiration within the rich collection of greenery within the property of renowned landscape architect and bonsai collector Bobby Gopiao. Pavilion inspired forms make up the home’s footprint,accentuated by a wide variety of green features. A pergola built on top of a sunken sitting area provides a pleasant experience outdoors. Buensalido maintains the connection to nature by giving a tree space to grow within the  home. The architect shares that the design process was unique as they allowed nature to take control of its direction. 

CS Design Consultancy – Seaside 7

Wooden gate of a house with a blue roof featured in the book, Architecture of Silence by BluPrint.

“For me silence in architecture involves the creation of space, whether it be a space or a grouping of spaces. Where once can feel at peace, and one can feel completely connected with nature”

Seaside 7 harmonizes itself with the tranquility the ocean evokes. The intentional placement of the house along the hillside strikes a balance that maximizes the need for quiet and functional requirements. A partially cantilevered lanai serves as the central means of ingress that immediately faces users towards the waves of the sea. Mactan stone walls convey a sense of privacy through its impenetrable character.

Ramon Antonio – Casa T

Modern home with a groove finish featured in the book, Architecture of Silence by BluPrint.

“To me it’s very important – landscaping, the greenery, the environment. For me the architecture, interior design, and landscaping of a space should go hand-in-hand.” 

Iconic architect Ramon Antonio created a luxurious interpretation of tropical modernism. Casa T is a thoughtful renovation project for a growing family that skillfully integrates each aspect of the spatial experience. From boutique furniture to a tasteful selection of greenery, the home presents the case for the importance of harmony between indoor and outdoor areas.

GAGA Design House – Bo House

Couch with a fan overhead against a garden backdrop featured in the book, Architecture of Silence by BluPrint.

“We believe that the transition between spaces is as important as the spaces themselves.”

GAGA Design House came up with this seamless structure that embodies organic expression. Curved and smooth shapes fluidly tie the building’s form together.  A catwalk bridges spaces in a manner of experiential distinction. Spatial relationships are well-established as the sunken lanai provides expansive  views to its surroundings. 

BAAD Studio – DL House

Modern home backyard with a pool featured in the book, Architecture of Silence by BluPrint.

BAAD Studio created a secluded and tranquil experience for their clients despite the site’s location in the bustling Pasig City. The DL house finds itself tucked away as it forms an enclosure using solid forms treated with artisanal stonework. An orchestrated experience formed with a combination of natural materials in conjunction with green features such as a sunken planter, it assembles into a space that breathes.

Ed Calma C Residence

ornament furniture featured in the book, Architecture of Silence by BluPrint.

Architect Ed Calma transformed his father’s, Lor Calma, home from a mediterranean style abode to a modern  design filled with striking geometries. The character of the spaces are transformed by the monochromatic palette and minimalist finishes that evoke the elegance the Calmas have brought into Filipino spaces. The home is filled with refined and cultured items that reflect their impeccable tastes in the realm of design.

Royal Pineda   Mushroom House

Slanted glazing with openings in between.

“It’s all about finding a connection to the place.” 

Royal Pineda reinforces his affinity to blending natural and built elements together with this project. The Mushroom House stands solely on stilts. Spaces are inherently intertwined with the natural environment, whether it be through the integration of greenery or the earthy tones and textures of the finishes. All of these design elements coalesce against the views of the backdrop of the seaside property that truly embody the tranquility of nature. 

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