ArteFino has been an active and innovative driving force proudly promoting the Filipino heritage, lifestyle, and artisans since 2017. Committed to leaving a lasting legacy on culture and tradition, they provide platforms to showcase the country’s craftsmanship both in the local and international scenes. 

In view of the National Heritage Month, ArteFino, in collaboration with Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. (FHFI), will hold a cultural and fashion show entitled, “PAMANA: Woven Legacies in Fashion and Dance” on May 29th at the Manila Polo Club. 

The Heritage of PAMANA

In line with the Proclamation No. 439, s. 2003, it has become an annual tradition for the non-profit organization FHFI to organize a month-long celebration in May. Aiming to preserve and advocate Filipino cultural treasures, they prepare visual art exhibitions, performances, culinary feasts, and other cultural activities. 

And to mark their 20th anniversary, FHFI partners with ArteFino to offer a new way of championing Filipino cultural heritage. 

The PAMANA is a fundraiser event that will spotlight 16 designers from ArteFino’s roster of established designers and local brands. These handpicked masters of their craft will signify the fashion and textile trademarks of Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and NCR. In particular, they are as follows:

Bayo Atelier
Camille Villanueva
Ditta Sandico
Edited Limited X Adante
Jo Ann Bitagcol
Jor-el Espina
Lulu Tan Gan
Maison Métisse
Patis Pamintuan Tesoro
Patty Eustaquio X Bayo Atelier for HeArteFino
Rhett Eala
Steph Verano
Trude Lizares, and
WYC (Wear Your Culture)

Along with local fashion designs, the show will also feature accessories made by another five homegrown designers and brands, namely: 

Arnel Papa
Earl Gariando
Kathy & Kathy Bespoke, and

Their pieces will be categorized in Pahingahan (tropical loungewear), Kaswal and Kasuotan (casuals with Filipino flair), and Postura (cocktails and semi formal). And the performances by University of the East Silanganan Dance Troupe and the Danspace Ballet School will formally introduce them. 

Program Proper

PAMANA intends to leave an indelible mark through a mesmerizing spectacle weaving together dance, music, style, design, and craft. To fully deliver this intention, ArteFino let the late Floy Quintos write PAMANA’s concept script. The renowned Palanca award winner, playwright, and stage director’s passion in preserving, collecting, and documenting Filipino textiles began in 2002. And to breathe life into this concept, CCP awardee Gener Caringal leads the choreography and creative direction of the show. 

The program is composed of eight parts. It will start with an opening Sayaw at Habi performance by the University of the East Silanganan Dance Troupe. This will first feature Arnel Papa’s accessories, Jessie Lucas’ original music, and Bayo Atelier’s indigenous textiles. 

This will be followed by Pahingahan, showcasing pieces made by Maison Métisse, Tagpi, Camille Villanueva, Trude Lizares. 

The next segment will be a tribute ballet interlude to Luzon by the Danspace Ballet School. It will headline Melvin Martinez’s choreography and Levi Celerio’s original music composition to be performed by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Kaswal na Kasuotan starring Edited Limited X Adante, NIñOFRANCO, WYC (Wear Your Culture), and Jo Ann Bitagcol’s crafts will take the center stage afterwards. 

Succeeding this, Danspace Ballet School will perform Maskara, a fashion and music tribute to Visayas by Patis Tesoro. This is also choreographed by Melvin Martinez and will feature Kodo Irodori’s original score. 

Then, Postura, comprising Steph Verano, Lulu Tan-Gan, Ditta Sandico, and Jor-el Espina’s works will follow. 

Then, a ballet interlude tribute by Danspace Ballet School called Sarimanuk will be performed. Featuring another Jesse Lucas and Melvin Martinez authorial works, this segment will pay homage to the cultural trademarks of Mindanao. 

PAMANA will then conclude with Rhett Eala and Patis Tesoro’s archival collection from the private collection of Mita Rufino.

ArteFino in the Future

ArteFino’s founders, Cedie Lopez-Vargas, Marimel Francisco, Maritess Pineda, Mita Rufino, and Susie Quiros, revealed that FHFI’s objective perfectly aligns with their initiative this year. Sharing the same mission, they aspire to attain two goals with their collaboration. 

In line with FHFI’s directive, they want to first spread awareness about and build appreciation towards the Filipino cultural heritage. Secondly, they strive to promote Filipino artisan crafts in accordance with ArteFino’s objective. 

So, all proceeds from PAMANA will go to ArteFino’s forefront development program, HeArteFino. As their advocacy’s heart and soul, this program supports Filipino artist-entrepreneurs and artisan communities through livelihood and developmental initiatives. It is their way of creating an ecosystem where artists and artisans alike can have a sustainable future and legacy. 

This year, ArteFino’s founders will announce a new HeArteFino grantee. They also unveil another exciting venture of PAMANA to look forward to. 

“Apart from this being a fundraising effort in support of HeArteFino, PAMANA will also be a prelude for what’s to come in August when we unveil our yearly festival,” ArteFino disclosed. 

PAMANA will start at 4:00 PM, and you can reserve tickets here. There will also be a pop up in the venue’s lobby from May 29th to June 2nd, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Manila Polo Club members can freely access the event while guests can register here.

Photos provided by ArteFino

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