Three’s a party: Here’s what we know about the Budji+Royal design book trilogy!

November 2, 2019



Gabrielle De La Cruz

What came as part of Budji Layug’s book launch is the revelation that his book is actually the first of three.

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During the launch of Budji: Design Journey, Architect Royal Pineda shared details about the Budji+Royal book trilogy and how they are making it all happen. “We’re doing this and it’s part of what we always envisioned –  to constantly evolve and constantly share our stories, our design adventures. This is the record.”Book 2 will be all about Budji+Royal, making a record of Budji and Royal’s designs along with their collaborations with others. “Book 2 will be a surprise, the right season for it will come with a big bang,” says Pineda. He explains that the trilogy of books will be a series on innovations that mirror the metamorphosis of the Filipino spirit through architecture and design. 

When asked about the third book, which will be his own, Pineda expressed that its main goal is to share his philosophies. “I’ve always believed that me, myself, Royal Pineda, is a plus. You see in “Budji+Royal”, you have a plus. I will always add value to something.”

Part of Budji and Royal’s design adventures is Bangkóta, the Philippine pavilion for Dubai’s World Expo, along with their proposed LuzViMinda project.

Bangkóta is part of the 2020 World Expo with the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” The site is divided into three: Mobility, Opportunity, and Sustainability. Bangkóta will be in the Sustainability district. Its design is patterned after the coral reef.

The vision of Budji+Royal in the LuzViMinda project is all about weaving the Philippine islands all together, building bridges inspired by the design of Philippine baskets. It is something that aims to address transportation issues and is believed to unify the country through architecture and design.

WATCH: The LuzViMinda Vision

“We’re gonna sign the contract of our contractor and they’re flying in this month. We have a very good contractor, they’re technically capable of executing this project because their expertise is steel and it works perfectly with our modularity and with the purpose of bringing Bangkota as a permanent exhibit in the Philippines, in Clark specifically. The idea here is with collaboration, the Modern Bayanihan, the Filipino mind can execute a project with and in collaboration with foreign technical and technological groups. That’s how we want to see it. We don’t need to compete, we can collaborate with our creativity and we can work with them and we can be embraced by other nations just because of our creativity,” Pineda updates on Bangkóta during the Budji: Design Journey launch.

Budji Layug shares that the LuzViMinda project is something that they have always envisioned. “It’s been a long journey, we started from the very beginning and now we’re here and there’s LuzViMinda. We have done many projects together but this is something that we are very proud of.”

Pineda exclaims that all these form part of Budji+Royal’s constant pursuit of improving Filipino living through architecture and design. “It is never about competing and trying to beat others with what you think will pronounce your identity to the world. It’s really about beating yourself and trying to know what is the very nature of you and to understand you and to be the champion that is you. For me, that’s the process of real design and the hook of Budji+Royal.”

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Images courtesy of BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture + Design

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