CRUCIFIX: The Amphitheater of San Mateo, Rizal

December 14, 2021



Dryan Tria

The Amphitheater of Estancia de Lorenzo is a nature-farm resort and events venue located in San Mateo, Rizal that showcases a beautiful view of the metro and majestic landscapes of Sierra Madre mountains. The amphitheater can accommodate a thousand guests for big events like outdoor weddings, debuts, and birthday parties, among others.

Standing firm on a solid ground, this structure is a modern representation of the Cross and serves as a reminder of our faith in Jesus Christ.

The structure’s curve has a cove lighting which illuminates the cross’ outline during nighttime. Moreover, the use of solihiya steel woven pattern in its shear column has accentuated and provided a modern Filipino hint to the structure which manifests the designers’ patriotism for the Mother Land.

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While the structure serves as an events place for the most part, it is, likewise, being used as a park. Its beautiful scenic lush green landscape surrounds the structure. There are also three giant steel fabricated trees and a water feature installed in the place. One may also notice a fruit-bearing tree that was not removed. It was creatively designed as such, by building things around it and punching the trees through the slabs manifesting Tria’s fascination and advocacy for Organic Architecture.

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