The World Architecture Festival 2021 (WAF) recognizes the world’s top talents in architecture as they apply their originality and skill to explore the opportunities within the challenges facing the modern world. The extensive list of awards covers multiple fields and provides a platform for a diverse collection of methods that nevertheless pursue a singular goal: to address global challenges through architecture that facilitates interaction and inspiration. 

In addition to the four Filipino entries of the World Architecture Festival 2021 awards for future projects, four Filipino structures have been shortlisted for the WAF 2021 awards for completed built projects. The finalists will be announced at Lisbon on December 1-3.

Take a look at some of the shortlisted entries for the World Architecture Festival 2021 from the Philippines:


Designer: Buensalido Architects


This captivating structure is the home of the CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Buensalido Architects breathed new life into an abandoned building with designs based on the traditional Filipino art of “paghahabi.” The colorful façade exudes the vitality of CIIT Philippines’ students and faculty, while the industrial aesthetic of the interior keeps the focus on goal-directed student activities.


Designer: BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design

New clark stadium

This world-class sports complex is destined to become one of the top sports tourism centers on the global stage. Its construction reflects Clark City’s surroundings as a popular area for runners, cyclists, and other sports enthusiasts. The studio described its design as “practical luxury,” incorporating elements such as black steel prefabs for the roof, and concrete mixed with lahar from nearby Mt. Pinatubo. The expansive 20,000-seater stadium holds promise as a venue for monumental events in sports for years to come.


Designer: WTA Architecture and Design Studio


The adaptable, open-source designs for Emergency Quarantine Facilities created by WTA Architecture and Design Studio (WTA) are a testament to the fundamental role of architects as the designers of our community facilities.

The compact 1600-square-foot structure contains an efficient air circulation system, bathrooms, separate rooms for testing and disinfecting, and is made of lightweight, economical and readily available materials. WTA’s timely and generous response to the COVID-19 crisis has enabled health workers to care for patients in a safe environment.


Designer: Alero Design Studio

Memory Hall

The design concept is focused on paying homage to a loyal public servant’s memory. The structure of the mausoleum is evocative of the deceased mayor’s “servant’s crown,” a concrete representation of his identity and legacy. The solid, repeating design of the travertine pilasters responds to the building’s natural environment, serving as sun breakers for the copious windows. Natural stone materials, contemporary wood cladding, marble, and brass all integrate to form a structure that reflects the warmth, dignity, and steadfastness of the beloved mayor.

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