5 Home Goods Brands that will Bring out the Decorator in You

July 24, 2021



Germaine Dilay

Our homes deserve elements with a soul, a story, and a purpose. These elements serve as a manifesto of the Integral role of spaces in Lifestyle. Here, we give the spotlight to a curated list of home good shops carrying quality items sourced from talented artists and makers in the local and international setting. As the saying goes: Quality over quantity. it is always best to buy less but buy better.

  1. Hoom

The story of Hoom started when the founder and her team, spotted the candle warmer in an independent boutique a little over 3 years ago. Since then, they took inspiration from their travels and brought in home goods to the Philippines. Hoom successfully curated an exquisite hand-picked selection of contemporary and thoughtfully designed home furnishings like candle warmers, dining wares, throws, floor mats, prints, and accessories. Hoom is rooted in the belief that good design can be functional for everyday living and eventually be constants in homes for generations.

Home Goods
Boy Smells (candles) and Memory Lane (warmer) are the most popular purchase combination items in the Hoom Collection.
Home Goods
Home Goods

2. Cinnamon Projects

Established as a platform for collaboration with emerging creative industry independents and brands, Cinnamon Projects is the creative agency formed by Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse. Degrees in architecture, graphic design, photography and sculpture combined with professional experience in luxury advertising, fashion and retail have allowed Cinnamon Projects the opportunity to hone instincts and define a diverse skillset and distinct shared perspective.

Home Goods
Home Goods

3. Bernhardt

A leading global manufacturer headquartered in North Carolina, Bernhardt presents award-winning furniture for homes, offices, hotels, and even universities worldwide. Bernhardt was established way back in 1889 and has expanded its reach into a global stage. Currently, it has branches set in the country as well. Specifically, in San Juan and Makati.

4. Lights Up by Solano

Solano Lamps is the product of the country’s first 2020 lockdown. With the inspiration of Michelle Lao’s friend, Mikka Padua, Solano Lamps’ first project came in the form of a lamp made of Moroccan scrap fabric. The project was made especially for Mikka Padua who used the lamp for a home project. Soon enough, the first collection of blue and white ginger jars paired with colorful prints as lampshades was completed. Nowadays, Solano Lamps come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and textures that embody uniqueness.

5. Design Story

Famous for carrying international brands like Hay, &Tradition, and Stellar Works, Design Story is a brand that exhibits aesthetic, durable and functional items from different designers around the globe. Design Story continues to create interesting collaborations. In 2018, its flagship brand, Hay joined forces with American Furniture company Herman Miller to create fresh new designs catering to a wide range of audience. Just like all the items mentioned in this list, Design Story embraces the imperative selection criteria of timelessness – both in style and longevity.

The spaces we inhabit play an integral role in our lives. These brands embody the key principle for a balanced and healthy home interior – having less but better everyday objects that provide solutions and impactful artistic expression suitable for a Modern Filipino Home. Similarly at BluPrint, we believe that Filipinos deserve quality spaces – spaces that will secure the physical and mental well-being of the dwellers. We want to take advantage of our access to the global scene, and be able to share the freshest discoveries about architecture, interior, and now lifestyle.

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