These pieces temper the luster with brass and gold accents

January 15, 2018



Angel Yulo

Gold accents and leafing have been mainstays in art and design since the time of the pharaohs. Once exclusively used to honor kings and gods, it is no wonder history has imbued the metal with a sense of royalty. Smooth and warm, gold is one of the most flexible accent colors in interiors, being paired with colors from across the spectrum – from velvety blacks and blues, bold ruby and emerald hues, to airy tones like whites and pinks.

In fact, during the Renaissance in Italy, a whole industry flourished from gilding objects. The master craftsman called a battiloro (goldbeater) pounded grains of gold – and eventually alloys like brass – into sheets thinner than paper. These foils were then applied on cathedrals, sacred vestments, palaces, and furniture.

Eye-catching metals complement a plethora of styles, but bathing every nook with them will make your room appear like a poor copy of a Gustave Klimt painting. When done right, embellishments don’t overpower but rather add a layer of luxury and refinement, even to contemporary aesthetics.

Mind you, brass and gold accents are not to be limited to clawed-foot bathtubs and chandeliers. Here are a few luxe pieces to bring in that subtle sheen to your space.

BoConcept added brass leg options to best-selling items such as the Osaka sofas, Imola living chair, and the Lugo table range. These details add a subtle layer of exclusivity and luxury to these modern pieces.

Osaka Sofa by BoConcept
Imola Living Chair by BoConcept

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Bursting with color and geometric shapes, Natuzzi’s Labirinto table in brass/bronze finish gives nothing but luxurious vibes with its mirror-like finish. With open compartments consisting of clear and colored glass, the Labirinto table is truly mesmerizing.

Labirinto coffee table by Natuzzi in brass/bronze finish

A block of marble pinned with a brass nail – if the Cupidon isn’t the perfect accent piece to exude luxury, we don’t know what is. Whether used as a side table to a sofa, armchair, or even a bedside table, the Cupidon by Ligne Roset adds class and elegance to any set up that you put it in.

Cupidon side table by Ligne Roset

The Clyde coffee table. his double-topped low table combines 3 different materials in an entirely contemporary fashion. With the brass-plated structure, the smoked glass top, and the marble-effect bottom, the piece speaks of a softness and elegance that can easily be mixed with any interior style.

Clyde Coffee Table by Ligne Roset

While gold or brass plated lighting fixtures have always been around, the Stone lights from Tom Dixon give it a different meaning. Comprising of a ring of white marble surrounding a special brass-tipped bulb; when lit, the bulb looks like it’s floating, surrounded by a halo of soft light.

Stone lights family with Stone tea light holder by Tom Dixon

The Fade light, whether hung solo or in a cluster, is a bold statement in its own right – with an unusual metallic finish that tapers off into transparency, the Fade emits a soft beam of light to brighten any room.

Fade pendant gold with Flash table by Tom Dixon

The Magnum chair from Sancal is inspired by the glasses of cognac consumed during political debates in exclusive clubs in London. With its compact size, the Magnum provides comfort to even the smallest of spaces. This new range of soft seating comes with a gold-colored plinth option for an extra dose of luxury and warmth.

Magnum chairs by Sancal

Bring a touch of gold to your kitchen or your home office with these two mugs designed by designer and architect Alexander Girard. The two designs, “New Sun” and “Love Heart Gold” are graphic motifs etched in gold on a white mug.

Vitra mug (Love Heart Gold) by Alexander Girard

Drop by MOs Design at B2, 9th Avenue Bonifacio High Street, BGC to find more of these warm accents.

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