For its 40th year of educating interior designers, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) draws inspiration from the ruby stone, with a theme that celebrates the multi-faceted quality of geometric forms and shapes. This year’s theme is entitled “HUGIS ATBP – Homes Using Geometrically Inspired Spaces for Alternative Types of Built Spaces.”

Featuring a total of 12 designed spaces, the exhibit was split into three galleries, each with an assigned shape: Parisukat at Parihaba, Bilog at Biluhaba, and Tatsulok

The Parisukat at Parihaba gallery is all about modernity and sophistication. With its “Uniquely Urban” theme, the designs of each space were drafted to meet the demands of city living.

The Bilog at Biluhaba gallery takes on “Serene Suburbs.” The designs give off a sense of tranquility, depicting a carefree lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

The Tatsulok gallery radiates exoticism and escapes with designs that pay homage to natural landscapes. For “Restful Retreats”, the gallery features refreshing resort-style designs. 

Here are 6 design spaces from this year’s exhibit:

HUGIS ATBP Booth #2: “Yugto” by A.R.K Designs

“Yugto” aims to introduce a new chapter on condo living, proposing economical price and ecologically conscious ways to enhance one’s experience living above street level.  

“This design heavily relies on the concept of upcycling,” says A.R.K Designs. Notable in the 30 square-meter design are: green glass wine bottles that act as wall panels, a configured gas tank as an accessory, steel matting, and the floor’s Machuca tiles. The same wine bottles were crushed and designed to form a “mosaic-like” glass window, placed to repel ultraviolet rays. 

A.R.K Designs says that their goal is to make ecologically responsible design while remaining sophisticated. The concept yearns to impart to clients and audiences that through small ways, design can make a difference.

HUGIS ATBP Booth #4: “Bat Wait… There’s More!”  by Supe Squad

“Bat Wait… There’s More!” is an exercise in versatility. Designed for a creative couple living in Taguig, the multifunctional 24-square-meter space boasts a 70 cm deep storage area, and six spatial configurations suited to urban living. Supe Squad’s concept of pop-art lead them to create a Batman&Robin inspired design, wanting to highlight the vibrancy of yellow and other playful colors.

The six configurations of the design come from the most unexpected areas of the place, revealing a bedroom, a set-up dining room, a work and study area, and even an exercise space. A surprise feature of the space is the “Cabmobile”, a traveling entertainment cabinet that conceals the positioned kitchen and bedroom. “We are challenging the way that we design spaces, especially compact ones so as not to compress furniture or to shrink spaces,” says Supe Squad.

“Bat Wait… There’s More!” is specifically suitable for those with a relaxed lifestyle, having extra time to configure each space according to one’s needs. 

HUGIS ATBP Booth #6: Balay Habi: A Modern Treehouse by Origins

Mimicking the airiness of treehouses, “Balay Habi: A Modern Treehouse” made use of natural fibers and sustainable, locally sourced materials. The oblong floor plan of the 21-square-meter space was maximized with elevation and multifunctional furniture built-in.

The design is dominated by wood furnishes, accompanied by vinyl, solihiya, rattan, and Machuca tiles. A skylight is provided with strategically placed windows that utilize natural lighting and outdoor views.

“Balay Habi: A Modern Treehouse” was specifically designed for Filipino industrial designer Jeff de Jesus. “He helps artisans from different provinces of the Philippines make their products more marketable to a bigger crowd,” says Origins.  “Balay Habi: A Modern Treehouse” is a reflection of Filipino craftsmanship made ready for the 21st Century. 

HUGIS ATBP Booth#7: Shellter by Space Out

The 22 square meter design is an elliptical suburban home that derives its concept from the organic flow of a nautilus shell.  It was crafted for a young couple living in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

“We’re inspired by the concept of a shell being a means of home and protection to a lot of different species” says Space Out. The spiral pattern is a parallelism of continued growth, expansion, and renewal. Using materials such as recycled wires, woven mat, coconut shells, and capiz, “Shellter” ensconces the most intimate spaces of the house in the center of the shell. 

Playing with curves, the design aims to imitate the flow of sand, also incorporating colors from the beach and interiors from the shell.

HUGIS ATBP Booth#8: Cuarto no Canto by Likha

Designed for a young professional searching for a sanctuary in the suburbs, “Cuarto no Canto” harbors soft edges and gently-curved raised floors. The wrapped-around windows and curved walls add sophistication to the 25 square meter space. 

“Everything here is soft and industrial,” says Likha. The design plays with levels, depicting a rustic and antique interior. It incorporates sustainable and ecologically-friendly materials such as crushed limestone, upcycled metal, paper, and wood scraps. 

Maximizing the space, Likha came up with concealed but accessible storage to further highlight the softness of the entire design. Blue and brown hues dominate the cozy interiors, with open windows bringing air in from the outside. “Cuarto no Canto” delivers spatial edge, all without the edges. 

HUGIS ATBP Booth#12: Gotipino: Bamboo Lodge by Trigon 12

Short for Gothic-Pilipino, “Gotipino” is a villa designed with a Gothic revival strain. The biggest of all 12 exhibits, the booth is a 33-square meter space for couples and honeymooners in Palawan. 

Notable in “Gotipino” is its 9 square meter bathroom that features pebbles as cover-ups for the drainage. 

With a play on strategic lighting, use of bamboo and rattan, coupled with solihiya furniture, the interior harmonizes contrasting elements into one beguiling space. The pointed arches and decorated glass windows are literal nods to the Neo-Gothic style, making for a unique tropical getaway. 

HUGIS ATBP is located at 5F Greenfield Tower, Mandaluyong and will run till October 31. 

Photographed by Ed Simon

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