A country’s climate is a major factor in determining how its citizens thrive. This is especially evident in the interior designs of the houses, such as the mandatory furnaces and fireplaces in colder regions or the large open windows to cool down the huts in the warmer areas. 

In the Philippines’ case, its positioning above the equator causes Filipinos to adapt to a tropical climate. According to PAGASA, the dry season starts in December, with the highest humidity levels in the summer months which lasts from March to May. Filipinos would often temporarily leave their closed-door homes and book a vacation to the beach or the mountains for some fresh air. Others would spend a day or two in hotels to cool off from the sweltering heat. 

While these are good solutions, a research article in Aerosol and Air Quality Research states that the average Filipino in Metro Manila spends 52% of their time indoors during the weekdays and 70% during the weekends, which is why it is more practical to improve the ventilation to cool down the temperatures of your own homes during summer. Architecture is continuously adapting to the environmental conditions, as each climate has specific needs in balancing temperature and air. In a tropical country, such as the Philippines, such advice is helpful in the long run due to the naturally warm environment.

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The benefits of good home ventilation

Investing on a high-quality ventilation system works wonders for your health, balances the environmental temperature, and improves comfort in your home. While ventilation is known for controlling indoor air quality, it is a vital part in controlling the temperature and humidity in the house, making the dry season bearable and helping you cool down your home.

An aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes for a more welcoming aura is one of the best qualities of the Valenza Mansions.

Several homes have already included natural ventilation in the architecture and the position of the house itself. Crown Asia, the Philippines’ largest home builder, has built strategically themed Ready For Occupancy, or RFO, homes for 25 years to accommodate the needs of the Filipinos, including our climate. By implementing projects located in cool areas like Tagaytay or producing houses with high ceilings to make room for air circulation. 

Summer homes to cool down

Booking a hotel room or renting a vacation home with an amazing ventilation system does help quell the heat during summer, however, a property investment has shown to be incredibly beneficial to those looking for a place to stay or a room to rent out for tourists during summer. OFWs would often come home during summer, hoping to spend their short family reunion in a cooler place to unwind. According to Golden Haven, investing in real estate has low risks and high returns, as the property value increases over time.

Crown Asia has produced houses and lots for sale where you can spend your summer basking in the well-balanced temperatures and intelligently-curated interior designs with natural ventilation in mind. Crown Asia’s Lladro, a large two-storey family home that includes three bedrooms, a family area, office den, maid’s room, and a two-car garage. Its high ceilings and spacious interior promote improved air circulation, maintain temperature, and invite an abundance of natural light. The front porch and balcony gives you access to a magnificent outdoor view and a healthy dose of oxygen, perfect for cooling down under the afternoon sun. Another property with enough room to breathe and boasts high ceilings is the Franco, Crown Asia’s largest house model, a peach-colored homely Italian design with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, creating enough room for both personal time and family time. 

Healthy gardens are a symbol of the clean environment and a green eco-footprint, such as this community park in the Valenza community.

RFO Properties located in warm areas like Cavite and Laguna, such as Ponticelli, Carmel, Fortezza, or Valenza have access to a tranquil and wide neighborhood with wide roads and open spaces where you can enjoy your time outdoors and breathe in healthy air. The Italian architecture is truly something to marvel at, flexible enough to be both a vacation home or a permanent residence.

Crown Asia’s condominiums are nothing short of strategic, making it true to its name. By smartly building condominiums in higher regions with cool temperatures, such as the Pine Suites in Tagaytay. The Modern Danish condominium’s location promotes good ventilation with access to the pool and lush gardens to cool your body and produce gentle outdoor winds. 

For a suburban setting, the Meridian and Valenza condo units located in Cavite and Laguna respectively also boast great accessibility to the lively market and a peaceful family atmosphere. The glass windows and wide expanse of gardens help decrease air pollution and generate cool breezes. 

If staying in the city is more beneficial in terms of location and lifestyle, Crown Asia offers The Courtyard in Taguig or Hermosa in Las Pinas, towering buildings that symbolize the fast-paced city life. With amenities such as the pool and gym, you can even enjoy the dry season even as you go the daily grind. 

With their 25 years of expertise and thematic architecture, Crown Asia properties are built and curated with specific needs and details in mind. To adjust to the Philippines’ climate, interior design and home locations are carefully selected and planned, making Crown Asia one of the leading developers of thematic homes in the country. By investing in a home with good ventilation, accessible area, and friendly atmosphere, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Check out the properties of Crown Asia by visiting their website and invest in a residence of your choice to spend your summer days with your family. 

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