When combining something old with something new, the outcome is almost always something unique and strong. All over the world, there are cities that combine the old and new aesthetic. Mumbai, New York, Tokyo, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and Marrakech are some examples of these modern cities. To them, the older times are an inspiration. They sew the oldest buildings into the more modern setup, creating unique cities. In Vietnam, tradition still has a firm hold on architecture. It takes most of the spotlight in alleyway homes that make practical architecture. One example is the Ngâu House by Limdim House Studio which takes inspiration from the resilient Ngâu tree.

Resilience in the Modern Times

The Ngâu House is a home that compliments the communal vibe of its neighborhood.

Like this strong tree, the house represents resiliency in the modern world. To preserve the home’s nostalgic vibe, the designers used old doors, scattering them throughout to complement the entire space.

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It combines modernity with antiquity in a harmonious way that gives the house a bit of a rustic vibe.
The cool shades of green combines with the warmth of wooden elements make afternoons more relaxing.
The bedroom itself is already an enchanting space thanks to the combination of reds, greens, and wood.

The house has an earthy color palette–browns, earthy oranges, and red hues of fired clay tiles. In some of the oldest homes, there’s a certain rawness that only they can present. The Ngâu House uses warm-tone wood combined with different linens and bamboo mesh curtains.

To create focal points around the house, there are small but meticulously arranged tiles planted in various areas. The exterior meanwhile balances out the interior’s warm earthiness. Alongside cooler tones, the home has glazed ceramic tiles shaded in green hues and ornamented with ethnic patterns. With an earthen front yard featuring clay bricks, the exterior presents a contrast that highlights the rustic fence and adds a unique touch to the home.

The Ngâu House in Vietnam is one of these structures that still root on the city’s traditional setting but gives the home a modern twist to fit the times.

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Photos by Do Sy

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