Sophisticated Wall Patterns and Thematic Floorings To Transform Your Home Into a Design Statement

May 17, 2022



Althea Villanueva

We would often hear the saying: “Home is where the heart is.” To truly understand what it means, however, is varied among generations. Along with food and water, shelter is one of the top basic necessities for humans to survive, as this helps protect us from external forces such as harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and dangerous predators. 

For the purpose of protection, we all desire a home that is durable and sturdy enough to remain standing in case of natural disasters or accidents. In the prehistoric era, humans used to live in caves, which soon evolved into building homes on trees. An article on Constructors Inc. suggests that ancient Egyptians had set the bar high when they began building large-scale structures such as pyramids and started using tools to haul bricks for building their homes.

In modern times, we no longer only use bricks to build a shelter. Several materials are now available at our expense, such as tiles and wood panels. A home is no longer just a place to sleep in safety, but also somewhere to relax, spend time with our family, have a nice meal together, and grow up. As the definition of the home changed over time, it became a place where the heart is, a shelter for our soul and comfort. For that reason, it is not enough to make sure that our home is durable, but also beautifully built in an aesthetic and logical sense.

Why design is important in building a home

Since the definition of a house has evolved from simply being a shelter to a place where we raise a family and do various activities in, design has become an important part in establishing a home. According to an article on BluPrint, Stephanie Dods, a Fil-Kiwi Beauty Queen who won on the sixth season of Asia’s largest interior design competition The Apartment, said that a home is a reflection of ourselves and our personalities, so we should let our homes tell a story. Planning the colors and materials to be used in each area helps regulate our mood. Using the right materials also caters to the homeowners’ specific needs and preferred aesthetics. Designing a house is not just about making it durable or beautiful, but also choosing the right patterns, finishes, and colors to make a statement. 

The interior design of your home reflects your personality and tastes.

In finding out what exactly each homeowner needs to design our homes, the company Floors to Walls has proved to be an expert in dealing with several types of rooms and houses for any customer who wants to improve their homes.

Design with meaning

For two decades, Floors to Walls has revolutionized the tile industry by providing their clients with maximum benefits, proactive customer service, and making multiple brands available for choosing. Started as a wholesale supplier in 2007, CEO Kelvin Ting used to peddle his products to hardware shops in Luzon. As the company grew, they opened their doors to the retail industry in 2012 to provide your homes and offices with products and services personalized according to your preferences.

“We don’t just sell products. We give the proper advice and good recommendations to our customers, whether they make a purchase or not,” Ting said. “Our goal is to help our customers find what they need and want. We make homes better… one step at a time.”

Designers, homebuilders, and homeowners can find many brands shipped from abroad. Most of the rare tiles in their arsenal are not available in any other store, adding to their uniqueness and capabilities as a supplier in the tile industry. 

The decorative floor tiles provided by Floors to Walls are known to be thematic and modern, furnishing our home with large-scale intricate patterns and elegant finishes in subdued colors. Artful speckled patterns turn your walls and floors into masterfully-curated masterpieces that tickle the five senses by stimulating our sights. With multiple options to choose from, our choices can reflect the certain uniqueness of the homeowner’s personality in the walls and floors of our house or office.

The WallArts features more sophisticated designs which are best paired with pastel shades. Symbolic curves and lines are carved into some, adding depth and texture to the look of the room. Aside from a modern aesthetic, bohemian-style lovers can also enjoy boho-inspired palettes and their newest SPC Leather Tile’s Texture inspired by the attractive look and feel of fabric. 

With their 20 years of experience, Floors to Walls’ high-quality products are paired with the hands-on guidance and genuine concern for their clients to truly create a highly-personalized home for each of their needs, building trust and satisfaction with their loyal customers.

“Customer service is outstanding. They can give great recommendations on which tiles to use for a particular area,” C.S., a satisfied customer, reviewed. “The designs of their Machuca Tiles are very unique, which other stores don’t carry. I finally found the look I’m aiming for at their store.”

Painted tiles are playful, showcasing a bubbly and artistic personality.

By organizing themes, room colors, tile designs, and properly matching them to the room’s purpose, Floors to Walls aids you in building pleasing ensembles for your own comfort. Durable, beautiful, and personal, Floors to Walls helps you connect with a home that brandishes a touch of your creativity and personality. 

Floors to Walls is partnered with ALL Home and MC Home Stores Nationwide, where you can begin your home-building journey. Find out more about their products and services by visiting their Facebook page. 

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