10 Questions With IDr. Rizelle Alvarez Of UNNA Interior Design Studio

March 5, 2019



Denny Mata

UNNA Interior Design Studio (UNNA) describes its design trademark as “clean lines, textures, and an occasional significant quirk,” all of which are clearly manifested in all of the condo projects that the studio has done and featured by CondoLiving. Meet the studio’s principal, interior designer Rizelle Alvarez. The Cebuana interior designer who, inspired by her mother, took up Interior Design at the University of San Carlos in Cebu. condoliving Filipino Spanish Style Penthouse Rizelle Alvarez UNNA Interior Design Studio

1 | Why did you study interior design?

I’ve always admired my mom when she would arrange our house. I guess it is one of my inspirations why I took up interior design.

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2 | If you weren’t going to be an interior designer, what would you be?

A musician perhaps, or maybe a painter. condoliving Filipino Spanish Style Penthouse Rizelle Alvarez UNNA Interior Design Studio

3 | What made you decide to start your own firm?

It was my dream to start my own firm, not just interior, but also to sell pieces from our travels.

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4 | What do you want to be known for?

We (UNNA) want to be known for creating a space that would be able to translate our client’s vision.

5 | Complete this: Design is _____.

FUN! condoliving student condo showroom Rizelle Alvarez UNNA Interior Design Studio

6 | How would you describe your design process?

We begin by getting to know our clients. We sit down and discuss their wants and needs which has been at the core of our design process. It’s not about what we want but how we can translate the client’s vision by applying our style.

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7 | What design style do you resonate to?

We always look for things that are timeless; we try to avoid the trendy. We love to incorporate natural items to make the space feel warm and cozy. condoliving Rizelle Alvarez UNNA Interior Design Studio

8 | Who’s your design hero?

I’m always fond of LC Crawford.

9 | Where do you get your inspiration?

We get inspiration from nature and our travels. Some are from books.

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10 | What’s your ultimate design tip?

We always advise our clients to go for quality more than quantity.

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