Engaging with current trends can be a great way to explore new cultures and perspectives. With platforms like YouTube and TikTok, it’s easier to keep up with rapidly changing mainstream culture. However, it’s not advisable to trendjack, particularly in home design, for the sake of being relevant. 

While there’s a plethora of people getting positive reviews for freely sharing home decor that works for them, there are standout items that don’t make sense no matter how trendy they are.

Here are some of the cringiest home decor trends to avoid when updating your space. 

Wall Art Quotes

5 Cringe Home Decor Trends You Need to Avoid.
Photo from Needpix

Artwork can make or break a space all on their own. While select statement pieces can add sophistication and drama to your home, wall art quotes are nothing more than glorified dust collectors. Interior designers critique them as adornments with “no personality”.

As online and retail stores jump on this cringe home decor trend, the mass production of these items continues. Even real estate model units fan the flames as they are marketed with these decor. Live, Love, Laugh, and cliche quotes are some of its examples. 

LED Strips

5 Cringe Home Decor Trends You Need to Avoid.
Photo from Pinterest

If you like watching online game streams, you likely saw LED light strips as a staple decor of gamer bedrooms. They may seem like easy add-ons to your space but they’re also easy to overuse. These should function as ambient lighting and not as main lights for your house.

But because game streamers continuously display this sustained by vloggers and influencers, LED strips loses their dramatic effect. Instead of establishing your house’s mood, they flood the room with striking colors, making it more distracting. Installing them as border lights for the entire perimeter or furniture are a few of its common misuses. 

Fake Plastic Trees

5 Cringe Home Decor Trends You Need to Avoid.
Photo from Deviant Art

Despite imitating the aesthetic value of natural plants, faux flora don’t have real interior benefits. While they are cheaper and require no water, sunlight, or soil at all, these decor not as environmentally friendly as you think. 

Unlike fresh greenery that acts as natural air filters, fake plants only collect dust, making them more high-maintenance. And they won’t biodegrade once they fade due to sun exposure. 

Even if TikTok portrays them as a cost-efficient alternative, artificial plants only provide short-term visual interest for your home. Putting them in corners, ceilings, and shelves are the best ways to make them dirty and get rid of them faster. 

Wallpaper Murals

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There’s no limit to creativity—only to its application. While wallpaper makes negative spaces instantly pop, they’re also prone to deviating from the overall interior design. Solid colors are easier to balance with other elements, but striking wallpaper murals are where spaces become cringey. 

Despite being included in social media’s trendy DIY interior decorating ideas, these cringe home decor can make the room claustrophobic and cluttered. They also create an artificial scene, making your space more of a department store than a house. Landscapes, cityscapes, and pet-inspired designs are some of the wallpaper designs to avoid. 

Logo Whore Decor

Although fashion and interior design are interconnected, it’s best to leave designer logos in clothes and accessories alone. Coined by interior designer Bilal Rehman, logo whore decor embeds, pastes, or incorporates any trendy fashion brand logos in non-designer things like home decor. 

Since interiors also take inspiration from popular fashion designs, people developed a misconception that logos also have a place in their spaces. Similar to owning designer items, there is a belief that designer logos give home decor a high-end look. Contrarily, it makes homes appear cheaper and tacky. The most common examples of this cringe home decor are decal stickers and embroidered designs.

Trends come and go. And while it’s sometimes okay to be updated with these rising decor mania, it’s also important to keep track of what items really speak to you. In decorating your home, what matters more is how relevant the design is to you and not how significant it would be to what the society pushes to you.

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