Artistry at Home: Heart Evangelista’s Collaborative Home Makeover

May 24, 2024



Rick Formalejo

“My husband has a look that he likes – heavily into dark wood, antiques, not a tinge of white. I, on the other hand, needed to come in with full force,” Heart Evangelista explains as she opens up about the transformation of her home with husband Senator Chiz Escudero. “The vibe we have now is perfect, a mix of leather, textures, dark wood, but with splashes of colors that I love.”

Aside from fashion, home decorating is something Heart is also familiar with. Growing up in their San Francisco home, she was surrounded by Laura Ashley wallpapers and chinoiserie her dad used to collect. “It was so beautiful growing up in that kind of environment and atmosphere because, in a sense, it also trained my imagination and my mind being exposed to [those] at an early age,” shares Heart.

A Home Reimagined: From Concept to Creation

Maturity and stability were two major factors that motivated Heart to renovate their family home. Now, she believes she’s more stable and knows herself better so she understands how the design of her home will affect her.  “It is your home, so it’s important. And it’s key to really thrive in your environment,” says Heart.

For this project, Heart made sure to collaborate with her friends who know who she is. Her vision was for everyone who enters their home to see who they really are. “I didn’t want to play a character in a sense and get someone to just make it look like that. I wanted to be me and it was very key for me to work with my friends because it’s my home,” she emphasizes. 

The renovation of Heart Evangelista and Senator Chiz’s home was a collaborative effort between the couple, their trusted design team headed by BluPrint and My Home Editor-in-Chief Geewel Fuster. Together with Pbell + A.ID founders Architect Chris Bello and Interior Designer Astrid Sangil-Bello, they worked closely with Heart and Senator Chiz to create a space that reflects their personalities and lifestyle.

The Heart of the Home 

In a sea of iconic furniture pieces and decors by international designers, from Le Corbusier’s 4 Chaise Lounge to the Fendi Casa Coffee table where all of Heart’s favorite objects are put together, a clean, dove white sofa stands out in the second floor living room. The piece is especially designed for the fashion icon by one of the country’s leading manufacturers of bespoke furniture–Genteel Home

The second floor is considered the heartbeat of the house. Here, one can see Heart’s collections and memorabilia that are carefully curated by her and the design team. This is also where the designers chose to place Genteel’s bespoke white sofa, which perfectly anchors the room’s overall look. 

Contemporary taupe is the dominant color of the room. As Heart’s personal choice, it adds a little hint of a color from the general crisp icy white paint of the home. It is classic and easy to match with different pieces. A custom made wood console table with geometric patterns, also by Genteel Home, added a playful touch to the space. Meanwhile, a Gufram Metacactus beside the white custom sofa adds a refreshing pop of color.

On the other side, an integration of an orange marble table within the existing shelves is a statement feature which gives life to the book shelves. Photographs and artwork carefully selected by the team that narrate Heart’s different stories and milestones over the years adorn the wall.s

Filipino Craftsmanship at the Forefront

Heart’s collaboration with Genteel Home adds another layer of sophistication. As the brand’s newest ambassador, Heart brings her passion for Filipino craftsmanship to the forefront, showcasing the brand’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

“Genteel Home is super at par with international furniture,” Heart remarks. “Their pieces are a testament to Filipino talent and ingenuity, something that deserves recognition on the global stage.”

Founded by Katrina Blanca de Leon, Genteel Home crafts pieces that inspire beauty and creativity in every home. Their collaboration with Heart represents a shared vision of elevating Filipino design and celebrating the rich heritage of Filipino craftsmanship.

With her keen eye for design and appreciation for Filipino craftsmanship, Heart brings a unique perspective to the partnership, highlighting the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

“When I saw Genteel Home, I saw the quality, even the materials that they use, they’re very generous. They don’t hold back. And I kind of, in a sense, really relate to that. When I create something, I want to give my all,” shares Heart.

She also explains how she fell in love with the brand when she learned about its story. To her, it was the creation and the people behind it that made Genteel Home special. 

Genteel Home’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement goes beyond aesthetics. By investing in a Mahogany farm, they ensure a steady supply of materials. This also contributes to environmental preservation and providing livelihood opportunities for local communities.

Grab your copy of MyHome’s May 2024 Issue, available via the website. E-magazines are available for download via Readly, Press Reader, and Magzter.

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