Artistry at Home: Heart Evangelista’s Collaborative Home Makeover

May 15, 2024



Rick Formalejo

Introducing the New MyHome

For almost two decades, MyHome magazine has been a beacon of interior design excellence, celebrating creative homes, innovative products, and inspiring decorating ideas. It has grown in scope and frequency, becoming a touchstone for stylish living.

Today, the New MyHome is poised to continue this legacy with a fresh influence. With a modern perspective, we are committed to showcasing Filipino design on a global scale. Our simple living philosophy seeks to inspire readers to make their world more beautiful, one space at a time.

In this special edition of the new MyHome magazine, we are thrilled to feature the beautifully renovated home of Heart Evangelista, a true embodiment of modern elegance and Filipino artistry.

MyHome has always been a celebration of creative homes, innovative products, and inspiring decorating ideas. Over the years, we have expanded our scope and frequency, becoming synonymous with stylish and well-lived lives. Now, with a fresh perspective, we continue this legacy of excellence.

Our mission is to elevate Filipino design on the global stage, showcasing its unique charm and sophistication. With a modern viewpoint and a philosophy of creative living, MyHome aspires to influence and inspire our readers to create beautiful spaces that reflect their personal style. Join us as we explore Heart Evangelista’s stunning home alongside other featured stories and discover how you can bring a touch of elegance into your own living spaces.

Pre-order your copy of MyHome’s May 2024 Issue, available via the website. E-magazines are available for download via Readly, Press Reader, and Magzter.

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