Our Editor in Chief, Geewel Fuster, On the Essence of “Architecture of Silence”

February 22, 2024



Chad Rialp

As the evening unfolded at the grand launch of BluPrint’s latest publication, Architecture of Silence, anticipation filled the air at the Yuchengco Museum in RCBC Plaza. Guests from across the architecture and interior design industry all gathered for this momentous occasion as BluPrint releases its new book after five years.

Architect Fuster shared the essence and journey of Architecture of Silence with an eager audience. The book promises to redefine the boundaries of architectural innovation through its pages. She dove into the philosophy and inspiration that birthed this exquisite collection of tranquility and architectural beauty.

The Essence of Silence

“The silence that speaks to an experience of pause, when, at a loss of words, we reveal the presence of our feelings and our senses. There are works that, by choosing to remain silent, encourage harm and poison, and there are others that intend to whisper to our hearts, where a long hiatus of non-spoken is set as an essential prerequisite for an inner, soulful search, and the attempt to reach the extraordinary.

“A few months ago, I sought to address these interpretations of silent spaces and question how they create a condition of tranquility. Indeed, how can a piece of art, specifically a work of architecture, bring us a moment and a place of stillness? How can architecture, through its multisensory essence, inspire us? How can it spark an individual and unique experience while being an instrument that brings awareness to our consciousness? Ultimately, how can we establish a connection between architectural form and an atmosphere of silence?”

The Architects and Designers Behind “Silence”

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and honor to present you the Architecture of Silence. 18 optimistic projects comprehending the intangible experience of silence through architectural spaces presented in various contemporary architectural built environments around the Philippines.

Geewel Fuster

“These exemplary, purposeful projects, with their apparent visions, reiterate an invitation to listen, enhancing our immersive physical experience with the beauty and the essence of nature.

“These meaningful projects have catalyzing forces, that are able to refine spatial dimensions, engaging us in a more spiritual sphere. Eliminating the redundant barriers that represent an obstacle, headed by the industry’s movers and shakers:

Ramon Antonio

Royal Pineda

Ed Calma

Jorge Yulo

Anthony Nazareno

Edwin Uy

Anna Sy

Jason Buensalido

Benjie Mendoza

Miguel and Anna Garcia

Pierre Briones

Ivy Almario

Rossy and Bong Rojales

Keisha Lim

Pearl Robles-Alfonso and Adrian Alfonso

Keshia Plaza and Prime Deliman

Vianca Soleil Roquero

And Joel Muñoz

“Together they push us to share their silence and to take an introspective journey. Proving that architecture doesn’t need to be loud and imposing but rather to be SILENT, designs that allow us to sharpen our senses, to the point of erasing the words of our lips, because the simplest sound could hinder or even damage such undeniable perfection.”

An Expression of Deep Gratitiude

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who generously helped us make this event come together to become a success. We couldn’t have done it without you. To our PUBLISHER, headed by our CEO Mr. Archie Carasco, to our COO Mr. Ramon Galicia and to our head of publishing and marketing, Janine Recto.

“To our silent warriors, our managing editor Rick Formalejo, Ed Simon-the man behind our amazing photos, our favorite contributor Jar Concengco, to JR Ramirez our videographer, to Mike Carandang and team for our beautiful YouTube video and teasers, our MMA’S Mark Yellow, Dianne Fernando, Trish Oliveros and to our brand associate Issy Sadora-thank you all for making this book into a REALITY.

“Speaking of peace, as you all know by now, this book also marks the comeback of BluPrint’s original visionaries. I would like to thank our contributing editor, Patrick Kasingsing for being such a great team player. To BluPrint’s veteran writers: Angel Yulo, Lawrence Carlos, Miguel Llona and Gabbie Delacruz—kudos to your hard work and professionalism.

“Today we celebrate the comeback of our print. May this book be an inspiration and encouragement to everybody to celebrate print as the new disruptor of this generation’s media. With that, i would like to acknowledge the presence our brand partners:






Via Mare

And Sula Spirits

“We hope that this coffee table book continues to spark ideas and prolific conversations to those who not only inspired our pages but also to the future creatives who will continue to make remarkable contributions in our industry.”

Grab Architecture of Silence Today!

Architecture of Silence is now available online via the SariSari Shopping website, Shopee, Lazada, SariSari pop-up stores in Estancia Mall, Eastwood Mall, Festival Mall, and major National Bookstores. We invite readers to explore architectural tranquility as they leaf through its pages.

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