Girlcore: How to Unapologetically Embrace Your Feminine Side

May 14, 2024



Hannah Haber

Do you like dressing up in bright, eye-catching colors? Or maybe accessorize your nails with glitter and tie your hair with beaded laces? If so, then you might have tried a girlcore style.

But have you ever thought about letting this unique design preferences take center stage in your home? If you love sugar, spice, and basically anything nice, girlcore interior design might be right up your alley. 

A Brief HERstory of Girlcore

Girlcore: How to Unapologetically Embrace Your Feminine Side.

Girlcore is the overindulgence of basic girl staples like ribbons, ruffles, bows, skirts, and knee-high socks. In short, a hyper-feminine childlike style.

This fashion trend snowballed last year after models and influencers flashed grown-up versions of the things little girls used to like. Taking inspiration from Y2K and Harajuku aesthetics, this fashion mania is a quick shift from the long glorification of anti-traditional femininity. 

TikTok also popularized this trend when Gen Z users took thrifting and DIYs by storm to complete their overexpressive style. And even the Barbie movie and Taylor Swift added fire to this huge pinkish flame. 

Judy Bergman of Time Magazine regarded it as “dopamine dressing” influenced by the depressive state we experienced during the pandemic. Some also claim that this trend healed their inner child after getting mocked for dressing up back in the 2010s.  

In a way, girlcore also leans towards maximalism since pattern, texture, and accessory mixing are parts of its basics.

The Beginning of Femininity in Interior Design

Girlcore: How to Unapologetically Embrace Your Feminine Side.

Plank Hardware interior design experts already had a hunch that girlcore would be big even in interior design this year. After Architectural Digest’s TikTok video of Euphoria star Maude Apatow’s pink apartment in New York City went viral, they marked it as the start. 

In the words of Plank Hardware creative director Tom Revill, Apatow’s apartment is the epitome of girlcore. Filled with pink tones and marble stone accents, the actor set the standard for girlcore interior design. 

Building a Capsule Girlcore Home

Girlcore: How to Unapologetically Embrace Your Feminine Side.

To create an appealing girlcore interior, focus on self-expression and crafting a happy and inspiring space. 

Build your palette first by choosing your base color from soft pastel hues. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink. You can opt for lavender or mint green, or anything brighter as long as it has a delicate tone. 

Next, decide on what textures you like. Velvet, fur, and fluffy throws are some of the cozy fabrics you can select for pillows, bedsheets, curtains, and rugs. 

As for furniture, vintage styles add hints of cozy vibe to your home, which complements its predominantly soft look. Mixed style pieces and statement chairs, on the other hand, stand out with a simple or monotone color palette.  

Similar to what Apatow did in her kitchen, incorporating metal and stone materials can also level up your house’s appearance. They help bring out a sense of elegance despite its comfy and warm ambiance. 

Finally, show off your creative side by adding DIY decor. Experiment with fairy lights, origami, and floral patterns, or infuse personal touches like framed photos. These are just a few ways you can personalize your girlcore interior.

Fashion and interior design become more interconnected in the modern age due to the influence of social media. Either way, you can always express your personality unapologetically. Embodying girlcore, whether in clothes or home design, lets you own that queen title you always deserved. 

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