Multi-awarded Filipino industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue successfully launched KCurated, featuring his new collection of home decor and accessories on May 9 in Rustan’s Makati. The new brand champions handcrafted and hand picked items by Cobonpue himself, ranging from assorted quirky accents to imaginative embellishments.

Playful Zoomorphic Products

Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.

KCurated showcases colorful and whimsical Filipino and nature-inspired designs. Starting with the iconic Wiggle, made of steel, microfiber, and leather. Its spring legs and tail allows it to bounce, perfectly mimicking a dog’s excitement greeting its owner.

Speaking of furry friends, KCurated also made the comfortable Louie pet bed for your pawsome pals. Made of fabric, nylon, maple wood, and steel, it provides a cozy pet lounge indoors with removable and washable covers. It also comes with a bone or fish-shaped pillow.

But the zoomorphic designs don’t just end there. Among its unique products are the fiber-reinforced polymer Kala vases showcasing the birds of the wild. Their elegant pose and plumage made of plants of your choice make them the perfect table decor. 

Another is the Haw Haw tray set derived from the Filipino children folk song Pen Pen de Sarapen. These handmade maple wood items reflect the Philippine’s national animal, carabaos, and serve as containers for food, condiments, and trinkets. Similarly, the Amelia is a trinket holder in the form of porcelain birds resting after a long flight. 

Fun-Sized Furniture

Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.

KCurated also features miniatures of Cobonpue’s furniture pieces such as the Pigalle, Yoda, Dragnet, and Bloom. The Pigalle takes inspiration from a woman’s natural curvaceous body. This item achieves its form by hand-tying small knots of abaca rope into a hand-sculpted steel frame. 

The Yoda, a smaller counterpart to the larger bar stool, also mirrors the Star Wars character’s philosophy. It exhibits the tension of the bent rattan, nylon, and steel, making a slender, grass-like pole tip and sleek shape. 

Crafted from polycotton and stainless steel, the Dragnet miniature encapsulates fisherfolk’s salty tale of sailing for the sea’s bounty. Similar to a fishing net, it imitates a beautiful web of latticework as it is tossed in the mid-air.  

As a tiny replica of the swivel armchair, the Bloom is made to look like a petal you can actually hold in your hands. Sculpted using microfiber and fiberglass reinforced polymer, its hundred elegant fine folds brings a touch of nature in your home. 

Eclectic Tableware

Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.

Cobonpue also brings his quirky ideas to the table. You can find the Isole cheese boards carved out of walnut wood. Designed to look like tiny islands, they are made in different shapes and sizes, giving you the freedom to create your own table arrangement.

The fiber-reinforced polymer Curly vase offers an unconventional way of arranging your indoor plants. Its loopy design mimics natural branches, making it already a visual interest all by its own. 

Every Filipino household knows the struggle of balancing a tower of dishes just to keep the ants away. So, KCurated crafted the Antsy Emma, a built-in tray on a bowl that you can easily fill with water. It also makes a perfect pastry holder, guaranteed safe from an ant invasion. 

Like bird nests protecting hatchlings, the Nest bowl set also carries your important accessories. From fruit table centerpieces to jewels, these handwoven and upcycled polyethylene pieces serve both as aesthetic and functional little storages. 

From a spectacle above, the Nori trays bring an under-the-sea vibe with their seaweed-like design. Similar to the Nest bowl, these salago fiber items can also nest various accessories and trinkets you have.

Quirky Lighting

Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.
Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.
Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.
Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.
Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.

KCurated’s Lighting Delights: A Celebration of Form and Function

KCurated offers a unique selection of lighting fixtures that go beyond mere illumination. Each piece is a conversation starter, injecting personality and cultural references into your living space. Inspired by the Filipino spirit of bayanihan, the Little People Lamp features small figures holding aloft the light, utilizing adjustable salago fiber and mylar for a distinctive look.

The elegant Sparrow Table Lamp, crafted from maple wood and red oak veneer, emits a warm glow through its adjustable, sparrow-shaped shade. The Wick Candle Warmer’s innovative design offers a safe and stylish alternative to traditional candle burning and allows fragrances to diffuse freely with a soft amber light bulb that gently melts the wax.

KCurated brings playful charm with the Pup With A Hat and Cat With A Hat table lamps. Made from durable fiber-reinforced polymer and powder-coated steel, these lamps activate with a simple pull of the bone or mouse tail. The whimsical Tweet and Bubble lanterns feature maple wood and aluminum mesh to depict a bird and a goldfish respectively. Rechargeable LED lights create a delightful scene of these creatures “swimming” or “flying” at night.

Inspired by the Bul-ul, rice crop guardian deities, the Diwa series comes in lanterns, hanging lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. Crafted from rattan and fiberglass, these fixtures symbolize a bountiful life. The Paperwork collection pays homage to traditional lamp shapes with Paperwork hanging lamps and lanterns, utilizing the ancient technique of Kozo papier-mâché.

KCurated also showcases a selection of Kenneth Cobonpue’s renowned furniture creations, including the Chiquita stool, the Noodle armchair, and the miniature Barnacle chair.

Along with the KCurated’s virtuoso himself, friends, celebrities, and business partners joined him to celebrate the brand’s successful official launch. 

How KCurated Was Curated

Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.

Cobonpue earned an industrial design degree from Pratt Institute in New York and gained additional professional experience in Italy and Germany. Upon his return to the Philippines in 1995, he pursued his creative passion by continuing his mother’s legacy of pioneering rattan furniture. This led to the establishment of his own furniture manufacturing company in 1998 in Cebu. And as he slowly introduced his unique and artistic handmade designs, the world quickly took notice. 

By combining nature with traditional and modern approaches, his works went a long way and got featured in various full length films. Multiple award giving bodies also recognized his great contribution to culture and design, which caught the attention and trust of celebrities and even royalty

Now, more than 300 employees and craftsmen assist the industrial designer in bringing his innovative visions to life.  His showrooms and offices in Germany, Portugal, USA, and Manila continue to expand his creations’ global influence. 

After achieving great success with his signature  furniture designs, Cobonpue began receiving requests for smaller pieces. However, he was initially hesitant due to his company’s focus on crafting his now iconic works.

Inspired by years of engaging with friends and students passionate about exploring new design possibilities, he finally decided to take the leap. Fueled by novel and fun ideas for home accessories, lighting, and complementary pieces, KCurated was born.

The Beginning of a Lasting Legacy

Kenneth Cobonpue Unveils New Line of Home Accessories with KCurated.

KCurated’s vision lies at the intersection of craftsmanship and creativity. This translates into Cobonpue’s designs, where he imbues each piece with more than just functionality, similar to his approach to furniture design.

In his words, the bedtime stories that his mom used to tell tickled his active imagination, and this shows how uniquely each piece is made. The celebrated designer wants to bring a story and a sense of personality in every space his works inhabit. More than aesthetics, he aims for discerning customers to own something truly exceptional. However, he finds it difficult to make his creations more accessible. 

While mass production in other countries with cheaper materials like plastic might be faster and more cost-effective, Cobunpue chooses to stay true to his roots. His locally handcrafted products made of natural materials demonstrates his commitment to artisanship and sustainable practices; an approach that will leave a lasting legacy of classic, high-quality products for KCurated.

Check out KCurated’s full range of products exclusively available at 4/F Rustan’s Makati or on their official website

Photos provided by KCurated

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