If you’ve watched Succession or Billions, you might already have a glimpse of quiet luxury. From the characters’ elegant wardrobe, posh behavior, and private lifestyle, you can instantly sense wealth though it’s not stated aloud. But how would this recurring stylish trend translate into houses?

What’s the Buzz around Quiet Luxury?

Modern House In White.
Photo by Mikhail Loskutov

Quiet luxury, also known as “old money” and “stealth wealth,” thrives on authenticity, quality, and subtlety. Originally from fashion, this style highlights an understated aesthetic that shun ostentatious designer logos. It’s never about public approval. It leans more towards sophisticated consumption driven by personal preference, which creates a deeper connection to possessions.

Taking those characteristics into your interiors, this muted style focuses on simple yet elevated materials. It lets refined classic home items be the focal point of your space. As it invests on subtle yet exquisite furnishings, quiet luxury design offers versatility, allowing a timeless and more personalized appeal. 

Although some regard it as a new kind of minimalism, this design still differs in terms of purpose. Minimalistic interiors prioritize essentials mainly for function and practicality while quiet luxury opts for the basics for calmness and unpretentiousness.  

The Basics of Elegance

Pestovo House.
Photo courtesy of Julia Andrievskaya

Due to its oxymoronic description, it’s easy to lose track of what quiet luxury truly means. So, in order to maintain a right balance of its attributes, begin with its key elements. 

Muted and Neutral Color Scheme. There is no subtler color palette than muted hues paired with neutral tints.This combination makes a good base to curate a space to house your expensive taste. Aside from creating a serene ambiance, it also makes the luxurious qualities of house items you will add less obvious, making your space silently fancy. For muted colors, opt for earth tones like sage, slate blue, and old orchid. As for neutral colors, choose warmer tones like ivory, beige, and shadow white. 

Natural Fabrics. The rule of thumb for fabrics is to avoid synthetic materials. While quiet luxury  calls for restraint when it comes to color, it goes all-out in investing high-quality textiles and materials. Natural fabrics, apart from their breathability and comfort, are durable and biodegradable. Having these features align perfectly with the design’s ethos of authenticity and timelessness. Cotton, cashmere, leather, velvet, and silk all whisper sophistication.

Natural Hard Materials. Natural materials provide a truly serene and luxurious feel. Beyond their eco-friendly benefits, they add a sense of understated sophistication to your space. These materials often boast a neutral palette and a timeless quality, making them an investment that speaks volumes.

Opt for high-grade options like granite, marble, or quartzite for a touch of natural grandeur. Mahogany, walnut, and oak offer rich textures and warmth, perfect for creating a luxurious ambiance.

Metals introduce a hint of elegance with copper, brass, or gunmetal finishes that add a subtle sheen.

Luxury Isn’t Always about Money

Luminous Apartment.
Photo by Evgenii Kulibaba

With how the media portrays this style, you’re likely thinking quiet luxury is only for the rich. But guess what? It’s not really about the price. The real key to this look is the invaluable craftsmanship behind every piece. 

Go for vintage. The beauty of “old money” lies in its timeless elegance. Decorating with heritage pieces is a perfect way to capture this essence. Whether it’s treasured family heirlooms, unique local finds, or special pieces from antique shops and thrift stores, incorporating these elements adds character and depth to your space. This approach not only saves you money, but also contributes to sustainability by preserving cultural heritage.

Invest in High Quality Pieces. You don’t have to immediately fill every corner with elegant-looking pieces. Embrace the slow process and invest in high quality items one at a time. Start with anchor pieces like a well-made dining table or a bespoke couch. While they can initially be pricier, they’ll last longer as you build that quiet luxury look. 

There’s a reason why quiet luxury keeps coming back and impressing the younger generations. Because more than being a style, it founded a philosophy where luxury is not found on accumulating and displaying money. Rather, it lies in the quiet confidence that comes from knowing you’ve surrounded yourself with things that are built to last, both physically and aesthetically.

Photos from Pexels

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