How to Design Your Home Based on Your MBTI Results (Extroverts Edition)

May 9, 2024



Hannah Haber

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) rises in popularity among younger generations as it offers an assessment of one’s behavior. Different from the astrological explanations zodiac reading provides, MBTI categorizes a person based on their traits and tendencies. While it gives a psychological overview of ourselves, MBTI can also determine how you can design your personal space.

Following MBTI’s revelations about home designs for shy and reserved personalities, it’s time for social butterflies to know more of how they can love staying in their house too. 

Here are the interior designs that perfectly match MBTI personality’s extrovert group.  

ENTJ – Industrial

myhomedesign industrial condo

With their charisma and decisiveness, people with ENTJ MBTI results are natural-born leaders. People with a commander personality type establish strict self-discipline through rationality, confidence, and sheer willpower. This often results in stubbornness and a lack of emotional sensitivity when attaining their goals.

To mirror their unstoppable and dominant facade, ENTJs lean toward an industrial interior design. From open floor plans and high ceilings, commanders can easily do everything their way in this kind of space. Neutral colors with darker tones also justify their intimidating and challenge-driven character. And by incorporating exposed elements like Edison bulbs and visible pipework, this design mirrors this personality’s pronounced momentum.

ENTP – Eclectic

How to Design Your Home Based on Your MBTI Results (Extroverts Edition).
Photo from Pinterest.

Known for their outstanding mental agility, ENTPs are masters in the art of discourse. As debaters, this personality is unafraid to challenge the status quo and loves encountering resistance and contradicting perspectives. For them, all things are arguable and therefore confront standards and pressures they are uncomfortable to blindly follow.

Exuding such a rebellious display, an eclectic house allows ENTPs to break rules in the best possible way. As it fuses furniture styles from different eras, this design indulges the debaters in contrasts that surprisingly harmonize. Bringing together unusual textures, patterns, and shapes further highlights this personality’s tendency for defiance and limitlessness. 

ENFJ – Cottage

How to Design Your Home Based on Your MBTI Results (Extroverts Edition).
Photo from Pinterest

As the protagonist, ENFJs feel a sense of responsibility to always do the right thing. Commonly idealistic and empathetic, this personality easily reads thoughts and emotions and adjusts accordingly in order to make them feel understood. They tend to involve themselves in people’s lives and endure criticisms and difficulties to serve the greater good. 

Aligned with their altruistic nature, designing a cottage style interior can help ENFJs fulfill their heroic role. Vintage furniture with floral patterns or natural textiles create a homely and welcoming space for family, friends, and guests. Warm neutral colors paired with wood accents and wall prints bring out a cozy atmosphere perfect for the protagonists’ comforting presence. Additions of airy textiles, rugs, and fluffy throws complete the interior’s look, further mirroring this personality’s pure intent. 

ENFP – Bright and Colorful

ENFPs tend to be an open book. Because of their free-spirited behavior, campaigners find a deep understanding of themselves and the world through social interactions. This feeds their innate curiosity, seeking answers through vibrant living and creative imagination. 

By leading an outgoing yet inward-looking life, ENFPs can find comfort in a bright and colorful interior design. Explosive complementary colors schemes reflect campaigners’ playful thoughts and glimmering insights. Minimal elegant touches like abstract paintings and statement pieces hint at this personality’s thoughtful side. While it might be a little off, simple furniture styles balance other striking features and keep ENFPs’ seriousness intact. 

ESTJ – Modern

Photo by Ed Simon

Driven by their strength of mind and sensible judgment, ESTJs know where to find balance to unify contradicting beliefs and forces. As an executive personality, they have a high regard for honesty and dedication, which they utilize to enforce ethical hard work. This makes them hold firm to their beliefs and principles and lead a clear and direct path for people to follow. 

Having a mentor-like persona and a strong resistance to hardship, a modern interior design fits ENTJs best. The open floor plan, clean straight lines, and obvious symmetry satisfy the executives’ value for transparency. A monochromatic neutral color scheme creates an unclouded visual so they can easily stabilize their thoughts and decisions. The choice of long furniture with glass, steel, or fabric finishes reflects this personality’s ability to embrace contrasting elements and create a harmonious space.

ESFJ – Traditional

Modern Filipino Living Room

People with ESFJ MBTI results find fulfillment in creating connections and fostering positive experiences through sharing. Known as the consuls, their prime mission centers on people and building strong relationships through guidance and generosity. Fueled by hospitality, they serve as agents of community building and willingly accept responsibility to look after others. 

As extension of their community-oriented character, ESFJs can benefit from a traditional interior approach. Including traditional furniture establishes a gentle and inviting ambiance parallel to the consuls’ sociable acts. Muted or neutral color palettes give off a soft and calming look, which makes social gatherings feel lighter and more welcoming. Timeless flooring and a few collections of antique pieces provide a lasting sense of connection. 

ESTP – Contemporary

Boffi | DePadova Open Projects: Radiality

Enthusiastic and impulsive—this is how ESTPs navigate their life. More likely to live in the moment, these entrepreneurs tend to skip planning and overthinking the past. As an action-oriented personality, they focus on the present opportunities and are fearless in committing mistakes as they go. Since they act based on the immediate reality, they have a tendency to abandon highly organized systems that restrict their rapid decision making.

To keep up with their hasty personality, ESTPs require a contemporary interior design. Open floor plans provide space for entrepreneurs to pace with the demands of the present time. Simple details and clean geometric composition allow this personality to easily customize their space whenever spontaneity strikes. Accent walls and natural materials also break interior uniformity, which reflects ESTPs’ affinity for change. 

ESFP – Hollywood Glam

How to Design Your Home Based on Your MBTI Results (Extroverts Edition).
Photo from Pinterest

Often caught up in the moment, ESFPs project themselves as the center of attention. Entertainers are great at reading the room and are always prepared to put on a show. While they display a pleasure-seeking character, this personality can find joy even in simple things. 

With such cheerful and carefree behavior, ESFPs can live their best indoor life in a Hollywood glam house. Statement furniture and luxurious fabrics spoil entertainers’ taste for grand things. Rich jewel tones with metallic shades let this personality indulge in the luxury they often seek. Oversized pieces and dramatic lighting can also boost their positive energy.

Personalizing your space is not only an introverted hobby. As you get to know yourself through a psychological lens, house interiors can transform into a haven for your outgoing habits. Using MBTI as a guide, you can express your extroversion even when you’re at home. 

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