The rise of small houses in the Philippine poses a challenge on how to properly place indoor plants. Considering the country’s humid climate, uncurated plant arrangements can easily overwhelm your space. Knowing the right spots for these potted ornaments can help alleviate energy costs and elevate interior features even with limited space. 

Plant Corners

Where To Put Indoor Plants In Small Spaces.
A staircase with wooden treads and metal bannister next to a tall indoor plant.

Placing plants in corners, regardless of their height and foliage spread, makes small interiors feel spacious. These areas prevent house plants from taking too much space, allowing you to move around without them getting in the way. Filling these parts of your house with natural touches also softens its edges, providing smoother interior transitions. 

Transform neglected corners into lush escapes. These often-forgotten spots are the perfect low-maintenance haven for beautiful greenery. Plants that do not need direct sunlight require minimal attention, and the best part? You can even hide the occasional leak or pot blemish, keeping your home looking effortlessly stylish. Ready to breathe life into those corners? Lucky bamboo, snake plants, and sago palms are all fantastic choices to get you started.

Hanging Plants

Hanging vines above a large white bath tub, triangle patterned tiled floor.
Photo by Jar Concengco.

Hanging plants are not just trendy, they are a space-saving lifesaver in smaller homes. Think vertically! By drawing the eye upwards, those trailing vines create the illusion of a more expansive room. 

What’s more is that hanging greenery adds instant visual interest. Imagine having your own floating garden just right above your head. Beyond aesthetics, these beauties act as natural air purifiers, so ditch the chemical fresheners and breathe easy. 

Ready to create a calming oasis? Spider plants, golden pothos, and heartleaf philodendrons are all low-maintenance choices that thrive in kitchens, bathrooms, or any spot near a window.

Green Walls

Where To Put Indoor Plants In Small Spaces.
Green wall configuration at Skytech IT Park Pampanga
Where To Put Indoor Plants In Small Spaces.
Image courtesy of Vertical Green.

Green walls are a great solution to bringing nature into your small space. With the right vertical arrangement, you can transform these blank partitions into a personalized living flora ecosystem. Try experimenting with planter shapes, leaf colors, and linear patterns to achieve a more uniform look. 

This indoor plant placement does not only refine the visuals of the house, it also generates a tranquil atmosphere. In addition, it revamps the house’s functionality into a more sustainable approach since multiple studies attest to its eco-friendly benefits. Green walls can absorb heat and lower indoor temperatures. They even act as natural air filters, trap dust particles, and muffle unwanted noise.

Filling these boring negative spaces is a much beneficial and perky way of using too much space. Talk about a practical flexing of your plant collection without having to worry about cluttering the floors.

Boston ferns, herb plants, and philodendrons are the perfect types to add texture and variety on these natural accent walls. 

Plant Shelves

Neatly organize your plant collection in one place by putting them on window sills, bookshelves, or floating shelves. Similar to hanging plants on the ceiling, plants on shelves absorb more humidity essential for their survival. 

Shelves also keep your plants from harm’s way. And because they’re in a dedicated space, you can care for them at the same time! Display charming little houseplants like adorable succulents, elegant peace lilies, or even dramatic prayer plants.

Table For One Or Two

Where To Put Indoor Plants In Small Spaces.
Where To Put Indoor Plants In Small Spaces.
Where To Put Indoor Plants In Small Spaces.

Minimize table mess by adding minimal green accessories on them. Besides boosting productivity, table plants are also your cute organizers in maintaining a tidy arrangement of house items. Placing them as the centerpiece serves as your green stop signs from lazily leaving things on tabletops.  

A pop of green on your table additionally becomes an instant focal point, making your limited space still inviting. Plus, these leafy companions set the mood, adding the finishing touch to your home’s overall vibe.

Cacti, jade plants, and baby rubber plants are a few of the ideal tiny ornaments for your work and communal spaces.

The size of your house should not hold you back from including indoor plants as your staple indoor decor. Whether to satisfy your inner creativity or to feel at ease, having natural buddies in the right areas beautifies your space and quality of living. For small spaces, it is not about what you can eliminate, but what you can reorganize to suit your needs. 

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