How to Design Your Home Based On Your Zodiac Sign

May 6, 2024



Hannah Haber

Zodiac signs have captured the popular imagination for centuries, offering a unique lens through which we can explore our personalities and preferences. This extends to how we design our personal spaces. It can influence our choice of colors, textures, and overall aesthetic to create environments that reflect our astrological identities. But perhaps more importantly, they provide comfort and inspiration tailored to our individual dispositions.

Aries: Adaptive Interiors for Impulsive Behaviors

Photo by Ed Simon.

Categorized as a fire and a cardinal sign, an Aries emits a strong energy often in a bold and ambitious manner. Due to this sign’s innate competitiveness, they are the first to explore new trends, which leads to frequent impulsive renovations. Investing in demountable fixtures and light yet audacious furniture suits this spontaneous behavior.

Allotting large spaces in the house will also accommodate their constant desire for change. Additionally, it is ideal to either minimize the color red or switch to its deeper shades to regulate their intense emotions. 

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Taurus: Zen for The Calm Earth Sign

Photo by Jar Concengco.

Taurus carries a relaxed and serene aura. Their chill personality often develops epicurean habits that require a matching bucolic environment. As an earth sign, including indoor plants and natural ventilation in the house is essential. Scented candles or mild aromas paired with mood lighting and green accents also establish their cravings for a pampering vibe. Bonus points if the house is located in a forested area.

Despite their laid back attitude, this zodiac sign also values luxury and resiliency, which sometimes results in their stubbornness. To align with this fixed modality, silk, velvets, cashmere, and touches of gold and emerald green are their home’s must-haves. 

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Gemini: Double-Faced, Double Styles

Pestovo House's kid's bedroom with brick accent wall and orange couch.
Photo courtesy of Julia Andrievskaya.

Known as the symbol of the twins, Gemini exudes dual personalities. This air sign exhibits both reserved and outgoing practices that call for flexible and innovative home designs. Adopting a house layout with allotted personal and gathering spaces is the perfect match for their intrinsic contrasting characteristics.

Due to their mutable modality, Gemini prides themselves with their skillful open expression of emotions. To further highlight this extrovert trait, vibrant and expressive decor are good additions to the house’s interior. In addition, integrating yellow and white tones aligns with Gemini’s summer season. This choice reflects the bright and airy qualities associated with both the season and the Gemini personality.

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Cancer: Hard-shelled Homebody

Photo by Jeric Rustia.

Cancers project themselves as homebodies. Because of their sensitivity to their environment, this water sign is meticulous when it comes to curating a safe space. A cozy interior with local antique decor mirrors the sign’s preference for comfortable living. To fully align with their domestically oriented attribute, dedicating a neat workspace is a prime necessity.

While they prioritize privacy, this cardinal sign also possesses an inherent sentimental trait. A few inclusions of personalized items like framed family pictures and heirlooms make this emotional side more evident. Incorporating white blush colors helps enhance the homey feel Cancer eagerly seeks.

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Leo: Living in the Limelight

Photo by Ed Simon.

For a high-spirited and outgoing sign, homes brightened by natural light is standard. Leo’s glamorous personality likes being the center of attention. Their fondness for lavish living needs enough open spaces to accommodate social events. Bold pieces adorning their theatrical interiors further spotlight the fixed sign’s inclination to finer things.

Another way to show off Leo’s vivacious style is through metallic and sparkly touches combined with shiny silk and velvet. Following a yellow, gold, and orange color scheme will also maintain a vibrant and cheerful mood in the house.

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Virgo: The Zodiac of Order

Living room of modern home.
Photo by Panoramic Studio.

As a perfectionist, Virgo has a high sense of order. Every piece inside the house should have a function and a convenient designated place. A minimalist interior approach will help this mutable zodiac achieve its desired practicality. Emphasizing clean lines, subtle geometric designs, and practical storage areas also complements its penchant for logical organization.

Since it is an earth sign, natural elements like stone, wood, and organic-shaped ornaments bring calmness to its environment. Blue and silvery white are a great fit to balance the sign’s hypercritical way of thinking.

See this project: Warmblack House: A Modern Home in Harmony with Nature

Libra: Balance and Style

Photo by Ed Simon.

Libra translates to equilibrium and harmony, which are best demonstrated through applying symmetry in their homes. Despite being the most aesthetic and decorative among zodiac signs, they still strive for balance between exquisite and simple interiors.

Due to the influence of its planet Venus, this cardinal air sign is a connoisseur carefully selecting stylish yet subdued objects. Aside from fairness, Libra also embodies a romantic nature. Motifs ranging from flowers, cherub statues, and heart shapes paired with touches of pink suit its affectionate persona well.

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Scorpio: Emo Environments

myhome tropical industrial image 1.

Gothic and enigmatic are commonly associated with Scorpios. Mid-century gothic or industrial interior designs are fine choices that echo their dark side. Bold colors such as topaz blue, plum, burgundy, and emerald green explicitly establish the water sign’s mysterious ambiance.

Scorpio is also magnetic, which black, gray, and silver interior accents further define. Because this fixed sign likes to keep one step ahead, furniture made of silk, leather, faux fur, and luxury woods will elevate the overall makeup of the house.

Sagittarius: Playful Imaginings

R House's dining area featuring an eclectic collection of chairs looking out into the garden.
Photo courtesy of Hurray Design.

Sagittarius needs a place that can keep up with its playful imagination. This last fire sign is more likely to rearrange or redecorate the house whenever creativity spikes. Better to start with common items like simple shelves or wall mirrors to easily complement any future additions.

The walls of the house can also contain personal expedition stories or plans through maps, souvenirs, or artifacts. To perfectly align the design with the sign’s outdoor inclination, ornaments and colors referencing nature are also essential inclusions. 

See this project: R House: Professional Expertise Meets Personal Narrative

Capricorn: The Star of Punctuality

Time is the direct influence of Capricorn’s discipline and dedication to work. Putting these self-restrictions, this earth zodiac requires a functional interior layout. Allotting a spacious home office with a practical desk setup provides an ideal place where Capricorn can fully operate.

Adopting smart home technology can also allow a smooth transition of work inside the house. Since this cardinal sign exudes quite an old-fashioned style, traditional or classical designs suit them best. This includes brown, ochre, and gray vintage pieces reflecting its conservative mentality. 

Aquarius: Atypical Ambiance

Zodiac Sign.
Photo by Dylan James from R Architecture

A humanitarian air sign needs a free-spirited space. Aquarius is known for its progressive and rebellious traits, which require a calm yet unconventional place to process their thoughts. Items that encourage radicalism and compassion like social emblems or inspiring paintings are excellent choices for adornments.

Ruled by Uranus, this zodiac sign is also tech-savvy. Latest gadgets and trendy decor fuel their innovative thinking. This eccentric combination of styles is what makes Aquarius’ house interesting to the eyes and the mind.

Pisces: The Escapist

C|S Design Consultancy- beach house-living space

Lastly, Pisces, as the final mutable water sign on the list, captures all that previous star signs have undergone. This makes it drowned with empathy and sensitivity that it typically loses sense of reality. To pamper its daydreams and escapism, mood lighting and soft furniture creates the romantic and spiritual mood it pursues. Rather than eye-catching geometrics and patterns, muted earthy tones, soft pink and blue hues better establish a dreamy ambiance. Scented candles also complete the set-up. 

See this project: C|S Design Consultancy designs a getaway home that gazes towards the sea

Horoscopes are only one of many ways to curate your own space. While it is important to take design inspirations from them, integrating personal taste is still the ultimate guide in designing your home. 

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